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A Kurdish kangal is stronger than a Caucasian shepherd.

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Q: Who is stronger a kurdish kangal or a caucasian shepherd?
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Which dog is the stronger kurdish kangal or pitbull?

a pitbull has the power to pull thins but the kangalcan pulled a 5tons by its mounts. so i say that a kurdish kangal is the stronger dogs then pitbulls. if u dont believe me its on youtube.

What is bigger a kurdish kangal or a great dane?

First and foremost, there isn't a dog breed called Kurdish Kangal (and neither it does come from an imaginaryregion/country called kurdistan) . It is called Turkish Kangal. It is from Kangal, Sivas, Turkey but lots of people call it kurdish kangal so who gives

Which dog is stronger a pitbull or a kangal?

Kangal, all mastiffs (including my boerboel), and Caucasian ovcharca out skill pittbull for joke. Pittbull is just overrated. It's bloody and dangerous cuz of temperature but there are few breeds way too more stronger

Who will win kurdish kangal or German shepherd?

tats wrong a kangal would win becuz its bite force is over 770 pound of pressure...... while the German Shepard bite force is 235

Why are kurdish kangal dog illegal in the US?

Kangal dogs are not illegal in the United States.

Which is the world's most costliest dog?

kurdish kangal

Which is stronger kangal or a great dane?

A Kangal is stronger the Great Dane......

Is the English bull mastiff bigger than the kurdish kangal?


Is the kurdish kangal the strongest dog in the world?

Actually, its name is "Sivas Kangal" and is the national dog of Turkey, so it does not have anything to do with a word ' Kurdish', anyway, its pretty strong but it depends on the conditions and what u expect from it. for ex. kangal does not like to be in "hot weather" and would be weak.

Are pitbulls the strongest breed of dogs?

American Pit bull Terriers are not the strongest breed, Caucasian Shepherds are much stronger, and so are Kurdish kangal, and Tosa Inu. Alaskan Malamute hold most records in weight pulling competitions. I have heard reports of Kurdish Kangal with a bite force around 700 pounds but I can't find out if it is solid or not. Most people say a Rottweiler has the strongest bite, but I can tell you for fact that a rottweiler was tested with a bite force of around 330 pounds and a mastiff has a bite for of around 503.

Can Kangal beat German Shepherd?

no way I saw a kangal started on a german sherphar the shephard pulled its owner and he let go then the shepard attaked the kangal

Which dogs is strong?

strong dogs are pitbull,dogo argentino,rottweiler,german shepherd,doberman,kurdish kangal,cane corso,dutch shepherd,american bulldog ,bull mastiff,mastiff,presa canario,bull terrier,staffordshire terrier,akita, and fila brasilero

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