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The "Abraham man" was a tudor beggar,back in the tudor times.

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Q: Who is the Abraham man in Tudor times?
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What does coneys mean?

Con Man or Thief in Tudor Times

How won jousting in Tudor times?

by nocking the other man of his horse.

What does coney catcher mean?

Con Man or Thief in Tudor Times

The comparison between a rich man and a poor one in Tudor times?

you idiots

What did the chancellor do at the Tudor court?

In Tudor times the Lord High Chancellor was usually the head of the administration and the right-hand man of the reigning monarch.

Who was the last man to be executed in the Tudor times and what did he do?

Heresy being a deviation from the orthodox catholic religion

What was the name of a Tudor newspaper?


How were letters sealed at Tudor times?

Letters at Tudor times were sealed with wax

Who is the man who is referred to three times in Scripture as a friend of God?


Were there trains in the Tudor times?

There were no trains in the Tudor times. They had only first come out in 1872

What is a Tudor fishmonger?

It's a Fishmonger who was alive in Tudor times

Who found spices in Tudor times?

Explorers like Rayleigh found spices in Tudor times.