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Who is the CEO of Home Depot?

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Frank Blake

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Who is the president or CEO of Home Depot?

The Home Depot chairman, president and CEO Frank Blake

The Home Depot ceo?

The founder, Frank

How do you email the corporate office for Home Depot?

The email address for the CEO of Home Depot is

Who is Francis Frank Blake?

I believe he is the CEO for Home Depot.

Is Frank Blake the CEO of Home Depot?

Currently as of Feb.3 2013 Yes he is.

Frank Blake CEO Home Depot phone number?

frank blake's phone number

How many CEO's are at Home Depot?

Frank Blake is the current CEO of Home Depot. The last CEO was Bob Nardelli. The founders were Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. Whatever you do....don't work for this place. They got caught stealing money out of my paycheck and promised to give me the money back several times. Monday I have to file theft charges on the CEO Frank Blake because they won't send a check. I've been promised a check for six months now...........I'm done playing with Home Depot. Now they get to buy their attorney a $1000 plane ticket, pay my court costs and the money they wanna play games Home Depot..........let's play.

Where can I apply for a home depot credit card?

You can apply for a Home Depot credit card at any Home Depot store. Also, you can apply online at the Home Depot website.

When was The Home Depot created?

The Home Depot was created in 1978.

What was the purpose of Home Depot?

the purpose of home depot is to buy the things that you need for your home

What is the Home Depot complaint department?


What site do you email Home Depot with a complaint?

Home Depot complaints

How many employees did Home Depot originally employ?

home depot

Does Home Depot manufacture Adirondack Chairs?

Home Depot does not manufacture furniture, although there are generic pieces with the Home Depot logo on the label. However, you can purchase Adirondack chairs at Home Depot when they are appropriate for the season.

Does home Home Depot have layaway?

No. Only Will Call when you pay in full.

Who can you contact at Home Depot to complain about their service?


Is there a Home Depot in Mexico?

Yes, most larger cities have a Home Depot.

What holidays do Home Depot assocates get time and a half?

I love home depot

Home Depot opens today?


Is there a Home Depot distribution in Florida?

of course.. Where? Home depot warehouse in Florida ?

How do you get to Home Depot my apron f?

Hoe do you fetal home. Depot my apron

What time does Home Depot open in Houston?

Home depot opens at 7

Does Home Depot accept Wells Fargo Home Projects Visa?

Does home depot accept wells fargo home projects card

How many stores does Home Depot have?

There are over 2,200 different Home Depot locations. The headquarters for Home Depot is located in the city of Atlanta, GA.

At Home Depot can I get do it yourself solar panels?

Home Depot sells do it yourself solar panels. Solar panels, are known to be expensive at Home Depot.