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The UKs major export partner is US 14.71%, and the major import partner is Germany 12.87%.

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Germany and the United States are the top trading partners of the United Kingdom. The UK also does a lot of trading with France, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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Q: Who is the EU main trading partner?
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Who is the main trading partner with Germany?

Japan, Switzerland, EU, USA

What country is the European unions largest trading partner?

The United States is the EU's largest trading partner, accounting for 17% of all EU exports and 11% of all EU imports.

Who are Guyana's trading partners?

Canada is Guyana's main trading partner.

WHos are Italy's main trading partner?


Who is Irelands main consumer?

Ireland's main trading partner is Britain, if that is what you mean.

Who is china's main trading partner?

The European Union is China's largest trading partner as of 2013. The United States and Japan are also significant trading partners with China.

Is the European union the main trading partner for Africa?

Somewhat. Africa's main trading partners are the US, Europe, and China.

Who is England's main trading partner?

1) Europe2) United States

Who is the UK main trading partner?

United states Europe Spain

Who is Canada's main trading partner?

The United States!

Who is Madagascar's trading partners?

Today, France remains Madagascar's main trading partner. Other important trading partners include the United States, Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Which country was Australia's main trading partner before World War 2?

the UK