Who is the Father of hydrogen bomb?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Edward Teller

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Q: Who is the Father of hydrogen bomb?
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What made edward teller famous?

the hydrogen bomb. because he was a.k.a. "The Father Of The Hydrogen Bomb"

What did Edward Teller invent?

he invented the hydrogen bomb. His name is a.k.a. " The Father Of The Hydrogen Bomb'

Who is remembered as the father of the hydrogen bomb?

from what I looked up it is Edward Teller

Who was the scientist who was know as the father of the Manhattan project?

Robert J. Oppenheimer was the "father of the atomic bomb" and the director of the Manhattan Project. Edward Teller was the "father of the hydrogen bomb."

What did Edward Teller discover?

that's an easy one! Hes Also Known As "The Father Of The Hydrogen Bomb!" He and a number of other scientist discovered the HYDROGEN BOMB

Which is more destructive a nuclear bomb or a hydrogen bomb?

the hydrogen bomb, is a nuclear bomb

What is degree of destroy that hydrogen bomb can do?

What size of Hydrogen Bomb? How many megatons? the biggest size of hydrogen bomb can done ...........

What is the different between atomic bomb and hydrogen bombs?

A hydrogen bomb is an atom bomb; just one that uses hydrogen.

What bomb was made after the A-bomb?

The Hydrogen bomb.

What bomb was invented after the a-bomb?

The Hydrogen Bomb .

What is an h-bomb?

hydrogen bomb

Who was using the hydrogen bomb?

the hydrogen bomb has never been used in war