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Who is the President of Bolivia?

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Juan Evo Morales Ayma is the President of Bolivia. Evo Morales assumed office on 2006 January 22 after being elected by popular vote for a single non-renewable five year term in 2005. However in 2009, the constitution was changed to allow for a renewal of terms, and Morales was re-elected in late 2009.
As of June 2014, the president of Bolivia is Evo Morales.

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Does Bolivia have a president?

Yes, Bolivia is a republic with a president.

Who is prime minister of Bolivia?

Bolivia has a President, not a Prime Minister. The President of Bolivia is Evo Morales.

Does Bolivia have a king or a king?

No. Bolivia has a president.

Who is the ruler of Bolivia?

Evo Morales is the current president of Bolivia

How often does Bolivia change her president?

I don't think Bolivia is a girl...

Who the president in Bolivia?

its Evo Morales

Where does the president of Bolivia live?

in Bolivia hahahah i really no i jst dont wanna tell

How much a year does the President of Bolivia make?

Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, makes approximately $28,000 US dollars per year.

What is the current economic system of Bolivia?

the president

Who is the president of Bolivia right now?


Who is Evo Morales?

Evo Morales is the President of Bolivia.

Who is the political leader in Bolivia?

President Evo Morales

Is Bolivia a state or country?

How Mitch money does the president have

What year did Bolivia have its first president?

1337 a.D.

Who is the current leader of Bolivia?

President Mr Evo Morales

Now Who is the leader of Bulivia?

The President of Bolivia is Evo Morales.

Who are the famous people in Bolivia?

Simon bolivar is one of many famous people in Bolivia. He was the person to declare Bolivia a republic country and he was the first president of Bolivia. Incorrect. Simon Bolivar is known as the "liberator" of Bolivia (and other South American countries) because he led some of the battles in the wars for independence from Spain, but he was Venezuelan and was never a Bolivian president. Bolivia's first president was Antonio José de Sucre after whom Bolivia's capital city (Sucre) is named.

What is the proper adjective of Bolivia?

Bolivian The Bolivian President was shot today.

Is Evo Morales is the first Indigenous President of Bolivia?

Yes he is. As easy as that.

What countries was Simon bolivar president of?

Venezuela,Colombia,Peru,and Bolivia

Who was the first President of Bolivia?

Simón Bolívar was the first President of Bolivia. The country of Bolivia was named after him by Antonio José de Sucre, leader of the military who chose to separate Upper-Peru into its own state after it was liberated from the Spanish in 1825. Bolivar was the President in 1825 from August 11 to December 29, succeeded by Antonio José de Sucre.

Who was the President of Bolivia before Evo Morales?

Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé was the President of Bolivia before Evo Morales. After President Carlos Mesa resigned, Rodriguez, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was eventually made President after others in the succession line declined the position. Morales was elected shortly after.

Was Jose antonio de sucre the first president of Bolivia born in Venezuela?


What type of government does Bolivia have?

It is a RepublicIt is a Presidential Republic. That means that is a republic not run by a dictatorship. The current President is Evo Morales. And the current king is Julio PinedoOnce a democratic republic, Bolivia is now the Plurinational State of Bolivia, currently headed by a socialist government.

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