Who is the President of Sudan?

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is the President of Sudan.

On 1989 June 30, al-Bashir led the army in a coup deposing then President Al-sayyid Ahmad Al-Mirghani and Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi. He became Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation and took most of the power in Sudan. On 1993 October 16, Omar Al-Bashir disbanded the Revolutionary Command Council and all political parties and appointed himself President of Sudan.

As president, al-Bashir transformed Sudan into a single-party Muslim state. The US listed Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism, putting heavy economic pressure on the state, and even destroyed a pharmaceutical factory in Khartoum with a cruise missile. In 2003 a civil war started in the province of Darfur, and mass genocides were committed before the war ended in 2004. The International Criminal Court (ICC) now wishes to try al-Bashir for genocide. In 2010 April, multi-party elections were re-instated, and al-Bashir was re-elected.