Who is the Strongest Marvel Comics character?


Well, after the World War Hulk crisis it is clear that the Hulk is the strongest Marvel hero, on earth but if you consider the intergalactic cosmos gods like Galactus and others will be considered the strongest.

Another Answer:

Thanos with gauntlent rings

thor or hulk at various times, with various plot devices, either has been judged to be the strongest on Earth. Certainly, more cosmic characters have been created that operate on a higher, more cosmic scale.

Another answer after the answers;

The sentry, Because he is the one that basically defeated hulk and ended World War Hulk. Power of 1million exploding suns. wrong again hulk or banner got the last punch and broke sentrys jaw which knocked him out
Beyonder because he has godly powers.

Possibly The Sentry, as he can basically do anything. Very much Marvel's version of Superman.

nooo0.ur wrong.completly.thanos is the strongest marvel simply because he defeats all marvel heros good and bad almost simaltaneouusly.even defeating galactus.with or without the infinity gauntlent he is the most supreme being jus by aquiring the infinity rings and knowledge of the stregths of the gems ,also knowing how to unleash its powers.he defeated all marvel heros and villains only using minute amounts sometimes not any of the gems powers easily over powering hulks and drax the destroyer at the same time,for exaple.he also defeated the champion of the universerse who spared earth and its heros.thanos is the ultimate being with the power he destroys half the population of the universe literaly at the snap of his fingers.after killing super man prime x 1million ,thor,silver surfer and the rest of the marvel heros and villians he heads into battle with the gods.thanos then begins into fight with the in-betweener and the beyonder ,yet they succumb to his power.the gods send the lord tyrant to destroy thanos but tyrant is proved to be no match.after thanos is confronted by the gods of the tribune the come together as one to defaet thanos yet to be crushed at the hands of thanos and the infinity gauntlet.eternity was rendered helpless after his victory.THANOS IS THE SUPREME BEING IN MARVEL SURPASSING AND DEFEATING ALL.

YOUR OVER RATING THANOS. sure he is powerful with and with out the infinity gauntlet but he is not the most powerful entitiy in the marvel universe. the most poweful entity is the entity ONE-ABOVE-ALL

ONE ABOVE ALL is responsible for the existence of all life in the multiverse and byonde, and is the master and sole superior of the cosmic overseer and arbitrator known as the living tribunal ONE ABOVE ALL WAS IN FACT RESPONSIBLE FOR THANOS DESTROYING HALF THE UNIVERSE. HE USED THANOS AS HIS AGENT and is viewed by all high level beings who know of his existence to being the most powerful entity in the entire multiverse his counter part in DC is the entity PRESENCE

P.S the entity ONE-ABOVE-ALL is considered the abrahamic god and marvels answer to him ie the one true god. he was inspired directly from the abrahamic bible. and as such is considered by the creators of marvel to be the most powerful entity and is indestructable