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Who is the Worlds best pound for pound boxer?

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2011-05-13 15:43:15

Floyd "Money" Mayweather because he doesn't use

steroids.......Manny is good, but he can't last with


- to the one who answered this shut your f*cking as*. You're

like Floyd Mayweather hiding in her mothers skirt! hahahaha

NO Muhammad Ali has a record of 61 fights and has lost 5 But!!!

Geoge Foreman has been in 81 fights and lost 5 so do the math! Hes

the best!!!!!!!

-No one can't really say who's the best pound for pound boxer,

until Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pac settle it in the ring...So

we can't really say either one of these boxer are the best...

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