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The one that looks like Robyn on How I Met Your Mother? I wonder if they are the same person. No, the actress who plays the Kraft Canada Philadephia Cream Cheese angel is played by Linda Kash. Robin from "How I Met Your Mother" is played by Cobie Smulders. They are both Canadian actresses. This information can be confirmed on IMDB.COM

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Who is the actress in the philadelphia cream cheese commercial with the short black hair?

Marcus bajar

Who is the actress in the newest 2009 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial with the It's a philly cream cheese fairy tale premise?

Tiffany Elle.

Is Aubrey Plaza the brunette actress in the Boursin cheese commercial?


Who is the redhead actress in the laughing cow cheese commercial?


Who is the girl in the KFC cheese snacker commercial?

Her name is Amanda Penney and she is an aspiring actress from Montana.

Is cream cheese the same as Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a famous city in Pennsylvania where the Declaration of Independence was written. Cream cheese is cheese that's solid and easily spreadable with a butter knife. Philadelphia cream cheese is a Brand of cream cheese. The famous city and cream cheese are not the same. It's like saying Philadelphia cheese steak which was invented in Philadelphia.

Where is Philadelphia cream cheese made?

Philadelphia cream cheese was made in Italy.

Did puritans live in Philadelphia?

philadelphia is cheese.

What is the male angel's name as he appears in the Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese commercial?


What is a popular food in Pennsylvania that starts with a p?

Philadelphia cheese steak sandwiches Philadelphia cheese cake

What is a famous in Philadelphia?

the cheese

How many calories does a thin layer of philadelphia cream cheese have?

There are about 50 Calories in a tbsp of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Can we use cheddar cheese instead of Philadelphia cheese in cheese cake?

No, cheddar will not be suitable .

What are some famous foods in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia cheese steak!

What food is Philadelphia BEST known for?

Philadelphia is known for cream cheese, but if you're taking about a prepared food, it'd probably be Philadelphia Cheese Steaks (sandwiches.)

What is the monthly salary for a good actress?


Can ricotta cheese be used instead of Philadelphia cheese for a cheesecake?

Yes but cream cheese would be better.

Who is the actress playing the part of a young mother in the Tex Mex cheese commercial The final line is about the pinata that resembles the mother-in-law?

Geri Hall from CBC Television

What is the Italian word for cream cheese?

The Italian word for cream cheese is philadelphia.

Who is the voice of interrupting cheese commercial for cheez its?

The voice talent of the interrupting cheese is Matt Griesser....CHEESE!

Is Philadelphia cheese a diary product?

Yes it is. any cheese is a dairy product unless is is non-dairy cheese.

What cheese do you need for lemon cheesecake?


Who sings the song Mac and cheese from the Verizon commercial?

G.W.O.V. sings "Mac and Cheese"

What are the differences between commercial cheese making and organic farm cheese making?

there is a better cheese than the cheese that is being cheesed in the cheesy cheesier chesus cheese.

What cheese is use in cheesecake?

In the recipe I use to make cheesecake, I use Philadelphia Cream Cheese.