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I believe her name is Olivia Birkelund. She played the character, Arlene Dillon Vaughan Chandler, in the daytime soap Opera 'All My Children', as well as the character, Ensign Marla Gilmore, in the Star Trek: Voyager episodes, Equinox Part 1 and Part 2. :)

2010-03-24 23:07:49
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you can see it on

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That commercial brought tears to my eyes. I was alone on a work assignment in China away from my family for months and the girl's expression of innocent amazement reminded me so much of my then 15 year old daughter that it made me sad every time I saw it. I never saw the commercial in the US - only in China. I thought it was a Motorola commercial, so I'm glad you posted your question stating it was a Cingular commercial.

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Mother: Julia Anne!! Daughter: WU? (What's up?) Mother: Your cell phone bill is what's up. All this texting! Daughter: Omg! Inbd! (Oh my gosh! It's no big deal!) Mother: It is a big deal. Who are you texting 50 times a day? Daughter: Idk, my BFF Jill? (I don't know, my best friend forever Jill?) Mother: Tell your BFF Jill, that I'm taking away your phone. Daughter: TISNF! (This is so not fair!) Mother: Me paying this bill! That's what's SNF! (SNF said babbling)

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what 2013 car commercial has the father intimidating daughter's date with music

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