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He is the flume musician
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What does an artist do on the job?

Answer . \nThat depends, of course.\n. \nSome artists (a very few) manage to make a living working independently and selling their "pure" art. They have near-complete artistic, creative freedom and can create their own schedules as well.\n. \nMost graphic artists work on computers these days. T ( Full Answer )

What is a 'Cult' artist?

A 'cult' artist is one that has a smaller, but very dedicatedalmost fanatical following. The word 'cult' is also applied tomovies, books, and other media.

Who is Davidi the artist?

I am trying to research this artist. I have an oil painting of the Champs E'lysse in the rain.....????

Who is the cutest artist?

one ones 4 sure i guess they are all cute ^_^. no ones 4 sure i guess alot r cute ^_^. I Agree

What responsibilities does an artist have?

The responsibilities that an artis has is to always try to make their work even more fablous then the last! They should always be comming up with new art work, and of course NEVER GIVING UP WHEN IT GETS DIFFICULT!

Where can you be graphis artist?

Here at FIRST ACADEMY OF COMPUTER ARTS "Home of digital artist" you can be a graphic artist,we will teach you exactly what a graphic artist is.From graphic design course,animation, web design,Photoshop and a lot more you will it here in the FIRST ACADEMY OF COMPUTER ARTS, Come to our free workshop f ( Full Answer )

What schooling does an artist have?

Artists usually develop their skills through a bachelor's degree program or other postsecondary training in art or design. Although formal schooling is not strictly required for craft and fine artists, it is very difficult to become skilled enough to make a living without some training. Art director ( Full Answer )

What is an artist and his subject?

An artist is a painter, sculptor, etc.. His subject is the thing, or person or scene etc. that he paints, sculpts, etc.

What is an artists?

Artist refers to a diverse range of human activities, creations, and expressions that are appealing or attractive to the senses or have some significance to the mind of an individual. The word "art" may be used to cover all or any of the arts, including music, literature and other forms.

How can you get to be an artist?

Go on youtube.com and look up videos, sign up for a class, practice, be creative, buy good tools like sketchbooks and artist pencils, and buy a drawing book.

How is it to be an artist?

it is different for everyone. How is it to be anything? It depends on the person and what they think and feel about being an artist. I am only 15 years old and not professionally an artist. But I love painting and when I draw or paint I feel calm, happy and I love expressing myself with paper and a ( Full Answer )

What do you have to do to be an artist?

mostly you have to be original with physical substances such as paint or you need to have a significant idea you want to express or if you have both you will probably be a very good artist

What are artists?

An artist as someone who create art in the form of painting, sculpture, prints, photographs, or drawings. An artist creates work as a form of self-expression.. Dictionary.com defines it as the following: . art⋅ist. -noun. 1. a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily ( Full Answer )

What do you have to have or do to be an artist?

artists who wish to gain commissioned works generally pursue a BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, although with enough skill, a degree is not necessary to enter the market.

How can you be a artist?

if people appreciate you artwork enough to display or even buy them then you are an artist, artists aren't artists because they are famous. I have a relative who does art for a hobby and sells locally, not to gallaries and on t.v because that's not what art is art is expression

What is the difference between an artist and a artist?

An artist is a painter, another kind of artist writes and produces songs. Answer 2: An artist is correct, whereas a artist is wrong. Yes, it's just about grammar. Since "artist" starts with a vowel, it automatically has to start with an "an".

Do you have to be an artist to become a tattoo artist?

All "tattoo artists" are artists. "Tattooers" are not artists, theyjust trace things and pretty much do bad work. Just because youhave art supplies doesn't make you an artist.All tattoo artists areartists. Tattooers are not artists, they just trace things andpretty much do bad work. Just because you ( Full Answer )

Who is the artist A Brasso?

I wonder if it is the work of the famous photographer Brassai (Gyula Halasz). He started as a painter. He did photography for extra money and did not want his photography associated with his real name under which he was trying to become established as a painter, hence, the name Brassai. He lived on ( Full Answer )

What is an advertising artist?

An advertising artist usually works as a free-lance vendor in the art department of an advertising agency. The artist must have such skills as good design sense, color and familiarity with integrating typefaces with product layouts. Using computer graphics, he or she should possess a talent for v ( Full Answer )

Who is an artist artist called street?

well............it is Bansky.... Banksy is an anonymous English graffiti artist, political activist, film director and painter. His satirical street art and subversive epigramscombine irreverent dark humour with graffiti done in a distinctive stencilling technique. Such artistic works of political ( Full Answer )

Who were the artists of the renissance?

There are so many! Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Perugino, Ghirlandaio, Titian, Giorgione, Donatello, Verrocchio, Filipo Lippi, Fra Angelico, etc...

How do you draw as an artist?

You can draw like an artist by drawing sketches on your plain paper and after you finished your picture you can rub out the outlines or your sketch out and will look like a picture you want it to be. >.

Who were Florentine artists?

To mention a few: Fra Angelico Botticelli Donatello Brunelleschi Ghiberti del Verrocchio Leonardo Michelangelo Ghirlandaio Perugino Raphael and many other Renaissance masters

Are the Mythbusters artists?

Yes, Kari is still an artist with her husband Paul Urich. Tory,Grant, Adam, and Jamie all worked in special effects beforeMythbusters. Tory's art can be seen in Star Wars, Van Helsing,Terminator 3, and more. Grant's can be seen in Star Wars, VanHelsing, and more. Adam and Jamie have done too many th ( Full Answer )

What is aui port in router?

Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) is an interface that was used as Medium Independent Interface to connect to different connectors such as RJ45 & Coaxial connectors.

AUI port on a router connects to what networking protocol?

Ethernet AUI AUI cables have a D-type 15 pin connector. Pin assignments are as follows: . Pin 1. Control In circuit Shield. Pin 2. Control In circuit A. Pin 3. Data Out circuit A. Pin 4. Data In circuit Shield. Pin 5. Data In circuit A. Pin 6. Voltage Common. Pin 9. Control In circuit ( Full Answer )

Who is the artist of Barbie?

Not sure what you're asking. Here are two possible answers. Many of the 1960s Barbie coloring books, paper dolls and storybooks by Whitman were drawn by Al Anderson. Pop artist Andy Warhol did a painting of the 1985 Peaches N Creme Barbie doll.

What are artists influenced by?

Lots.. artists can be influenced by the things around them for inspiration like objects or people.. memories or things they feel. Others are influenced by art movements or othewr artists

Who is the Mormon artist?

There are a LOT of Mormon artists. Some of them do religious art and others do folk art, nature scenes, or other subjects. Here's a list of some of the more popular Mormon artists: James Christensen (paint) Kim Corpany (sculpture) Simon Dewey (paint) Avard Fairbanks (sculpture) Arnold Friburg (pain ( Full Answer )

Why is rizal an artist?

There is no question that, apart from being a hero, a patriot, and writer, Jose Rizal was an artist of high caliber. In his lifetime, he produced no less than 110 works of art: 8 paintings, 51 sketches, 46 sculptures, 2 engineering plans, and 3 maps. He began showing his artistic skills at age 5, su ( Full Answer )

Who is the artist elich?

Cheryl Elich is an artist who licensed her art work to manufacturers for production of dinner, gift ware and print products.

What do artist tattoo artist do?

If I'm reading your question correctly, it's an artist who designs the tattoo without tattooing the design on someone. They create the image while someone else does the needlework for it.

What comprise AUI and API?

API comprises of lanuage libraries and systm call interface AUI comprises unix shell commands and application programe

What does AUI stand for?

Being in the computer industry, this is my best guess. AUI = Audio User Interface If correct, it means that a device in question has either an audio output, or is able to accept (or maybe interpret) audio input (such as your voice).

What can a artist do?

They can do many different things. There is sculpting, painting, portraits, pencil, charcoal, digital, singing, writing, and much more.

Who is Artist Singh?

Artist SinGh Fine Artist, Sculptor and Stunt Painter Artist SinGh (Gurmej SinGh) is a famous and controversial artistbased in South West, Michigan. Called 'The World's Best StuntPainter', SinGh rose to fame with his unique ability to paint whileperforming stunts such as levitating, jumping from ( Full Answer )

Who is Narutos artist?

Masashi Kishimoto . - The creator of Naruto. .. Well. I know he Drew Naruto in the beginning. But Who knows who does it Now. :D

What do Renaissance artists do?

Renaissance artists means painters, sculptors, etc, who worked in the Renaissance era. That was in the 15th and early 16th centuries.

What do the artist have to do to learn how to be a fine artist?

To be a fine artist you have to think carefully of what you want to be in the future and then put that job to the test by getting involved in things that evolve around your job and if you wanted to be an artist this is what you've gotta do, you have to: . get a lot of books about art and read as ( Full Answer )

What is artistic skill?

To have a certain talent for doing the following things, Singing, Dancing, Playing an Instrument, Painting, Sculpting, etc.

What is a caricature artist?

It is an artist that specializes in a certain type of cartoon called a "caricature". A caricature is a type of quickly drawn cartoon that humorously exaggerates the facial features of the person being caricatured. Political cartoonists are famous for being excellent caricaturists, as are the artists ( Full Answer )

What are the qualifications to be an artist?

To be an artist , you should be able to understand the basic principles of art , then you should be able to read it through everything you see around you and then be able to do it yourself. Usually this happen most in gifted and talented people. Other people needs to practice much more to be able to ( Full Answer )

What is an artists technique?

An Artist's technique is the way in which they go about doing something. All artists have a different technique. Different artist might use different types of strokes when drawing things.

What do you draw as an artist?

as an artist you draw with your imagination. sometimes artists would sit in a park ,countryside or anywhere and just draw what they see.Here are some things that artists often draw :angels portraits landscapes countrysides thank you for reading!

What is the noun for artistic?

The word 'artistic' is the adjective form of the noun art . Related noun forms are artist and artistry.