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Q: Who is the author of Parang Sabir-Moro epic?
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What is the epic of parang sabil?

"PARANG SABIL" means "SUICIDE"..its a story of hadj. Indah ANNURA..

What epic is about the exploits of early Muslim warrior in defense of Islam?

Parang Sabil

What is traditional parang?

traditional Parang is normal parang

Give you some examples of epic stories of Philippines?

a. Bidasari - Moro Epic b. Biag ni Lam-ang - Ilokano Epic c. Maragtas - Visayan Epic d. Haraya - Visayan Epic e. Lagda - Visayan Epic f. Hari sa Bukid - Visayan Epic g. Kumintang - Tagalog Epic h. Parang Sabir - Moro Epic i. "Dagoy" at "Sudsod - Tagbanua Epic j. Tatuaang - Bagobo Epic k. Indarapatra at Sulayman

For Maranao people out thereDo you know the awit Parang Sabil ni Abdullah at Putli Isaru i need it with the translation in English or filipino i reall need it for my report in Phil lit tnx?

that is not a maranao epic. It is a tausug epic.

What is the purpose of the tambourine in parang?

what is the purpose of parang

What is the English of parang?

A parang is a large hunting knife

What is the meaning of parang in Tagalog?

Parang can mean FIELD or IT'S LIKE.

What has the author Raudal Tanjung Banua written?

Raudal Tanjung Banua has written: 'Parang tak berulu'

Who is the author of ibalons epic?

Mr.Benidict Raqoulous

Who is the author of the epic of labaw donggon?

Mig Alvarez Enriquez An epic is a narrative poem in the form of poetry. Epic has no distinct author because of the long time that had been passed ,the name of the author has been forgotten. So, epic of labaw donggon has no distinct author.It is only recorded by LANDA JOCANO. .

Author of the epic indarapatra at sulayman?

what is the author's logic of indarapatra and sulayman

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