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I guess JLo.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-13 14:38:19
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Q: Who is the best looking female celebrity with a big butt?
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What does it mean when your friend says what you looking at?

He/she thinks your looking at there butt. Chest or between there legs for female or butt or between legs for male

What does it mean if my female hamster's butt is pink?

You shouldn't even be looking there first of all.

What is the best way for a man to get a better looking butt through exercise?


How can you meet celebrities?

By becoming a celebrity you dumb butt!:)

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My butt is the largest

Female dogs butt?

What about a dogs butt Goats butt. Dogs don't butt.

Does walking make your butt bigger?

yes it does make your butt bigger. but the best thing is to do butt exercizes such as lunges or squats. this is what tightens up your but muscles which are called your gludious maximus. butt is nothing but fat but why have a nasty looking butt!! everyone wants there butt to be nice and firm!

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either snooki or nikki manaj

What is a word for the fat in the female butt?


How can a guy get a female butt and hips?

taking female hormones

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cause it loves it

What is a butt-woman?

A butt-woman is a female lay churchworker who tends the pews in a church.

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Of course it is

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If your hamster's butt is swollen, then take it to a vet. But if it's a boy, then it may just be his area.

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It means you have a good looking butt and he might like you.

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The same reason you nibble on a female's butt.

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My butt...teazeh Your butt (male)...tezak Your butt (female)...teezik His butt...tezoh Her butt...tezah Our butt...teezna Your butt (plural)...teezkoun

Articles on female mosquitoes?

female mosquito fish have black dot in front of their butt.

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the best actor who is the biggest most uglyest butt is who ever is reading this!

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The female butt is the size of a Unicorns horn, a male butt is the size of the world

What color butts do female hamster butt?


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It could be because of worms, or because her vaginal area is infected. It is best to take your dog to the vet if this happens.

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because that means ........ hold on why r u looking at your butt cheeks ..anyway it means your butt cheeks r small

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl his butt buddy?

It probably means the guy likes looking at the girl's butt.