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Lady Gaga because Lady GaGa has won many awards

and she has a good attitude unlike Bieber he may be handsome

but he has a bad attitude there was once a person want to have

an autograph for her daughter but Justin Bieber denied and push him away

while Lady GaGa . . . . . :)))))))

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Justin Bieber! he is definitely the worlds best singer/artist

Justin Bieber won Best New Artist and the 2010 VMA Awards.

Justin Bieber won the best new artist award.

yes he got nominated for best new artist

He is nominated for "best male artist" and "best song" for his sing Baby

Nicki minaj won best new artist i wanted Justin bieber to win

on the vma`s he won best new artist

Since this question was asked, he has received one -- although it was as a featured artist. In 2016, Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber won for Best Dance Recording for "Where Are Ü Now". In 2011, he was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album.

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Justin Bieber has 1 best friend,Christian Beadles

Yes. He won best male artist and his song "Baby" won for favorite song.

because he founded Justin bieber and hes the best artist ever recorded in history!

Any Justin Bieber fansite or google images

Justin Bieber and Beliebers. Because it's the best fanbase ever with the best leader. 18 million. Going strong!

Who is best out of Justin Bieber and One Direction will depend largely on who you ask. Many teen girls will say that One Direction is best, while others will tell you Justin Bieber is number one.

no Justin bieber is the worst singer he has such a high voice so theoraticaly he sucks and is not the best

The best thing which happened with Justin Bieber is the first step towards musical career.

Justin Bieber likes brown hair best at shoulder length!

i love the name "alexa" or "alexis" the best <3 Justin bieber

Justin Bieber has many best friends. And yes, Jaden is one of them.

My friend said Justin bieber is her brother, is that true

will Justin bieber be in Edmonton yes but he might go enfeid ist the best

Album for the Year, Artist of the Year, the Fan Choice Award and the Best Pop Album for My World 2.0