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My personal favorite is Eminem, plus as of right he is the highest selling.

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Is Eminem the best white rapper?

Not only the best WHITE rapper, but the best rapper alive or dead.

Who is the best white rapper?

The Best White Rapper is Enimen

Who's the best rapper alive?

The Best Rapper Alive is Eminem

Who is the best chicano rapper?

the best chicano rapper is mr criminal!

What is the best rapper alive name?

The Game is the best rapper alive.

What is the age of the oldest rapper?

The oldest rapper alive is (Snoop Dogg)

What Is Rapper Drake's Age?

Drake the rapper is 25 years old

Is Lil Wayne a rapper or a singer?

Rapper, since young age

Is Nicki Minaj the best female rapper?

Nicki Minaj is the best rapper to me.

Whose the best rapper ever?

Tech N9ne is the best rapper out there. (I believeee)

Who s the best Russian rapper?

Rapper Timati is the best check em out.

Who is ther best rapper alive?

Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive

Who is the all time best rapper?

Eminem is the best rapper of all time

Who is the best rapper a live?

i think the best rapper a live is weezy f baby i think the best rapper a live is weezy f baby

Which rapper is best?

Marshall Mathers (Eminem) is the best rapper today. Before, it was Tupac.

Who is lunatiq?

who is lunatiq you might ask? well he's a rap/hip hop artist on the rise at the age of 17, AND is THEE best rapper on the planet =), will take on any rapper to stand in his way, is the freestyle champ in his hometown, a myspace artist, and non the less the best rapper once again =)

Who is unikkatil?

Unikkatil is an Albanian rapper,best albanian rapper

Who is the best rapper Eminem or drake?

Eminem. Drake is not a rapper.

Who is the best female rapper 2011?

The best female rapper of 2011 is Nicki minaj, and always will be! (;

Who is the rapper with the most rap songs made?

Will Smith because he was a rapper at the age of sixteen.

Can you be a rapper at fourteen?

You basically be a rapper at any age as long as you can talk and have a good personality.

Facts about Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is a rapperHe grew up in Holygrove New OrleansHe is a New Orleans Hornets fanHe is claimed the best rapper aliveHe was playing with a gun and accidently shot himself in the chest at age 11At age 11 he started smoking weed and selling itHe got a record deal with a well known rapper Birdman at age 11

Is the best rapper white?

the best rapper is white and not american dont know the name but they probably austrailian

Eminem best rapper in the world?

he is the fastest but tupac was the greatest

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