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The little boy dancing on Cupid's choke hold is Jacob Perez also known as Princeton from Mindless Behavior.

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His name is Princeton & hes from Mindless Behavior :)


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Who is the boy dressed as cupid's chokehold by Gym Class Hero's?

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Q: Who is the boy dancing in cupid's chokehold?
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who is the boy dressed as cupid in the music video in cupids chokehold?


What music video did Princeton do when he was little?

cupids chokehold

What other songs does travie mccoy sing?

Billionaire and more. When he datted Katy perry the song was called cupids chokehold

Who is the actor for cupid in Cupids Chokehold from Breakfast in the US?

It is Jacob Perez and hes in a group now named mindless behavior. His nickname in the group is Princeton

Who is the kid in Cupids Chokehold?

Im not sure of his real name, But i know he goes by Princeton in the group mindless behaviour. That's all I can tell yhu though ((:

Was Princeton from mindless behavior on Cupid's chokehold?

Yes because Princeton real name is Jacob Perez and that is the cute little boy on Cupid Chokehold and if you don't believe me you can go to YouTube and type in the making of Cupid chokehold and it will show you. Hope that you are pleased with my answer.

Did Katy Perry feature in cupids chokehold the official music video?

Yes! I couldn't believe it either! But she's the one he ends up with. They are together in real life as well. They are even on the WARPED TOUR together!

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