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Her name is Alexandra Daddario, and she's really hot.

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Who is the brunette actress with blue eyes in the yellow book commercial whose boyfriend breaks up with her?

Alexandra Daddario

Who is the actress in the Yellow Book television commercial?

Gorgeous Brunette is the Yellow Book commercial is Alexandra Daddario. Don't know why the wrong answer is here.... "blonde" in the Yellow Book ad is Gisele Bundchen the Brazilian Victoria Secret supermodel and girlfriend/fiancée of Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots. This commercial is from sometime around 2005-2006.See commercial screen caps here: ---- The "brunette" Yellow Book actress with the "Mike" tattoo is Blanca Soto. As you might have guessed, she is a model. She competed in the national beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza Mexico in 1997. She is also married to actor Jack Hartnett.See the official Yellow Book commercials here:http://sayyellowtothefuture.comInfo is from ==

Who is the actress in yellow book clumsy husband commercial?

The actress is the very talented Molly Lloyd. Her website is here:

Who is the actress that gets dumped in the yellow book commercial?

Alexandra Daddario is the actress who gets dumped. See link:

Where can you download the Yellow Book commercial?

You can download the Yellow Book commerical from

Who is the girl in the yellow book commercial All is Fair in Love and War?

If you mean the scorned Brunette who is watching her cheating boyfriend on the video screen, it's actress Alexandra Daddario. She is a real beauty! The commercial also had multiple endings, however, my favorite was the slinky black dress, not for being the best revenge (it wasn't the most vengeful) but it was definitely the best to admire her in. :)

Yellow book actress tattoo?

Blanca Soto

Who is the actress in the Bud Light book club commercial?

Meredith Bishop.

Who is the blonde actress in the loan max commercial?

Who is the married couple talking about a book in the Loan Max T.V. Commercial?

Who is the girl in the yellow book breakup commercial?

Alexandra Daddario

Who appears in the Yellow Book commercial with David Carradine?

Blanca Soto

Is that Donny Osmund with David Carridine in the yellow book commercial?

Yes it is

Who is the girl on the future yellow book commercial with the tattoo on her back that says Mike?

Blanca Soto

What was the 1990s commercial for where the fan is in the football huddle and says does your mouthpiece taste like banana?

Yellow book.

Who is the girl on the bus reading the book in the new LensCrafters commercial?

Her name is Alice Wetterlund. She is an actress and comedian living in new York.

Yellow book commercial?

Her name is Alexandra Daddario. There arent many pics of her online, just when she was younger, but she is on imdb

Where can you get the Long white dress that the girl in the Yellow Book commercial is wearing?

Try going to a store that has clothes from movies.

What was the tv commercial where the football fan in the huddle says does your mouthpiece taste like banana?

it might have been a phone book for the yellow pages. I do remember that commercial tho.

What part of a phone book gives business numbers?

Yellow pages for commercial numbers and blue pages for government numbers.

Who is the actor with long hair in the Yellow Book commercial?

If you mean the older man playing the "wise man," it's David Carradine.

Who is the boy standing in front of the tv set when the karate man jumps out and bows to him in the recent commercial for yellow book?

Bryce Hurless

When did The Yellow Book end?

The Yellow Book ended in 1897.

When was The Yellow Book created?

The Yellow Book was created in 1894.

Who is the Japanese photographer who illustrated the book 'Yellow'?

You may be referring to Yoshiro Higai's book Life in Color: Yellow.

What is the terms red Book and Yellow Book refer to?

The Red Book is often referred to book of the Communist party of China and the Yellow book is referred to the Quran

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