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The Champion in Pokemon Platinum is Cynthia, the girl who gave you the egg with Togepi in it.

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In Pokemon platinum how do you get to the survival area and the resort area?

I Beleive that you beat the Elite 4, They are really the Elite 5 because of the champ.

What is the order of the elite 4 in Pokemon platinum?

dude the order is bug - ground - fire - pysch - then the champ ^^

How do you pass platinum?

beat the elite 4 and the champ to win

What rare Pokemon's can you get before the elite 4 in Pokemon Platinum?

The rare Pokemon which you can get before the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum are Giratina, Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.

Pokemon Platinum who is the last person in the elite 4?

The last person of the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum is Lucian, the master of Psychic-type Pokemon. After him is Cynthia, the Champion.

How do you see an Umbreon in Pokemon platinum?

you have to go to the elite 4 and i think either the champ or the 4th person has one so bring good Pokemon and if you want one either evolve your evee or use an action replay

Where can you find hippopotos in Pokemon Platinum?

in the desert after you beat elite 4

Where are the elite 4 in POKeMON platinum?

the same place as dimond and pearl

What is the Elite 4 on Pokemon platinum version?

if a the i 323123213 and a they is 9978978987 then what is the plus they

Pokemon Platinum how to get the regis?

u must beat the elite 4 then get regigigas on the Pokemon event

Where is Cynthias house in Pokemon dimonand?

she does not have a house. you have to beat the elite 4 to see where she lives because she is the champ

What do you do after catch regigigas in platinum?

Fight the elite 4 and just train your Pokemon

How do you get cynthia in platinum?

I don't think you can " get Cynthia" but you can see and find her many places plus she is the champ so you can see her after you beat the elite 4

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