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Q: Who is the current jewelry buyer for the Nordstrom in California?
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Who is the current Jewelry Department buyer for Neiman Marcus?

will smith

Who is the current jewelry buyer for Saks Fifth Ave?

Diana Shade

Who is the current jewelry buyer for barneys new york?

lauren painter, jennifer koche

Who is the jewelry buyer for kohl's?

The People's Republic of China must be the jewelry buyer for Kohl's. Who else would keep buying fake sterling silver jewelry?

I need to find some honest gold jewelry buyers in Sacramento, California. Where should I go?

For a reputable gold buyer visit

What does the profession of a jewelry buyer do?

A jewelry buyer buys and sells jewelry. These sales are usually of large quantities of jewels and precious metals, and can easily cost the salesman hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I guess I am just plain ignorant of the price of gold today. If I go to a local "gold buyer" to sell jewelry, what should I expect?

The current investment price of gold is $1060 an ounce. A gold buyer will pay 900-950 per ounce.

Can you get your stolen jewelry back from a buyer without a police report?


What does gm mean on jewelry?

There are many clue left on jewelry, that inform the buyer of its purity or of its creator. A GM on jewelry usually refers to the company who made it, G.M. Pollack and Sons.

What are the biggest gold jewelry buyers in the United States?

Cash for Gold is the biggest gold jewelry buyer in the United States.

How do you contact a Nordstrom buyer to sell a line of baby clothes?

We Are Monte Milano.( Now we have over 50 stores in Asia and really want to sell to Nordstrom. If you have a Question, Contact us 213-503-4289

What is a good website where one can search for a jewelry buyer in their local area?

A good website to try is Yellow Pages dot com. The Yellow Pages has 1000's of business ads so chances are they will have a jewelry buyer in your area.

What is the email address and name for the jewelry buyer at Barneys New York?

lauren painter

Who is the fine jewelry buyer at saks fifth avenue?

According to her profile, a woman by the name of Carrie Tahler currently holds the position of Accessories and Jewelry Buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue. Currently, Tahler lives in the greater New York area.

How much is silver jewelry worth per oz?

It depends on how pure the silver is and what the current price of silver is. Silver prices change every day so you need to check a newspaper or a site such as or for current values. Then multiply by the purity and weight of your jewelry for a raw retail price, and finally subtract 40-50% to allow for what a metal-buyer might pay.

I inherited some diamond jewelry from a relative, and I'd like to sell it. How do I go about finding a buyer?

You can sell diamond jewelry online at Another good site is

Can a co-buyer move out of state with car?

A co-buyer can move out of state with car as long as car payments are current. The co-buyer should update the new address with the lender.

Does California have a return car policy?

No. The Buyer's Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

How much should an ounce of marijuana cost in California?

Whatever the seller can get or the buyer will pay.

How do you contact a Nordstrom buyer?

We Are Bejeweled Leggings.( Our leggings are being sold at top boutiques worldwide and we would love to have them at nordstorm stores. If you have a Question, Contact us 213-741-2111

Where might one go online to purchase a jewelry box?

Very nice jewelry boxes can be found for sale on sites such as Jewelry Armoire, Mission Oak Jewelry Amoire, Amish Avenue, Bed Bath and Beyond and Things Remembered. There are many different ones to choose from and some companies allow the buyer some customization.

Who is Cody Milo and what are her accomplishments?

Codi Milo is a professional model from California. Her accomplishments include who sexy modeling of lingere items for the discriminating buyer and sometime want to be naughty buyer.

Can you return a car within 72 hours in California?

A buyer cannot return a car within 72 hours of purchase in California, as the Lemon laws do not apply. The 72 hour cooling off period does not exist unless the buyer acquires a contract cancellation option.

Is the buyer or seller responsible for title insurance?

Here in California, it is a matter of local custom. In Southern California, typically the seller agrees to purchase the owners policy for the buyer, the buyer supplies the title insurance for the lender. In Northern California, the buyer typically pays for both policies. It is, however, a matter that is covered in the contract between the seller and buyer and is negotiable, as is everything else. All closing costs can be negotiated as part of the sales contract. Who pays for title insurance varies from state to state based on local custom, but can be negotiated between the buyer and seller as part of the sales contract. There are no laws providing for either party to be required to pay. In the case where the seller has elected to pay title expenses, the buyer needs to make sure that the Lender has approved those fees to be paid by the seller. Some types of mortgages require that the buyer/borrower have a certain amount of funds available for the closing fees and may "cap" what fees can or cannot be paid by the seller in behalf of the buyer.

What should I know before seeing a gold jewelry buyer?

I would go online to this website to see alist of do's and don't when it comes to selling gold jewelry. They have some really good tips.