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Mazada SpokeswomanT's reply sounds a bit snooty! Asking a person's name if one finds that person's performance appealing = so one can watch for that person's performances elsewhere. It has nothing to do with stalking, which is what T's comment seems to suggest. Performers find fame to be useful (D'oh!); many people (Jodie Foster, Dustin Hoffman, Diane Keaton, John Travolta, Anna Chlumsky) got their start in commercials, then went on to television and/or to movies. AnswerMazda commercials are handled by The Ford Media Group.

There's contact information on the site. I'm assuming you're in the ad business, otherwise I can't think of why you would need this person's name

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Q: Who is the cute female spokesperson in the current Mazda commercials?
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Does Martin sheen do any of the Mazda commercials?


Where are Mazda commercials filmed?

nevada...on highway 50.

Who is heather in capital Mazda of Cary commercials?

Heather York Shaw

Does Patrick dempsey do the voice-overs for the Mazda 3 commercials?

yahee yahee

Whose voice is in 2011 Mazda commercials?

It's Louis Ferreira, who was in Stargate Universe most recently.

In a TV commercial for what fast food restaurant has Arianne Zuker appeared?

Arianne Zuker has appeared in several commercials. She is well known for being in commercials representing Mazda and McDonald's fast food chain.

Does Patrick Dempsey do Progressive Commercials?

No. However, Patrick Dempsey does the voice overs for all of the Life Cereal and Mazda ads.

What is the resale value of a 1989 Mazda truck?

The current value for a 1989 Mazda truck in good working condition is $1,599.

In the new 2008 Mazda commercials is that Patrick Dempsey's voice in the voiceover?

No. It's Rob Lowe. Dempsey is the voice of State Farm

Who is the boy that says zoom zoom in the Mazda commercials?

The zoom-zoom boy is Micah Kanters of Chicago.

What are all the current automobile manufacturers in Japan?

Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota

What are some of the car types manufactured by Mazda?

Mazda manufactures cars of all type: SUV's, crossovers, hatchbacks, and sports cars. Their current lineup includes the Verisa, the Mazda2, the Mazda3, and the Mazda8.

Where can one find the current retail value for a 1974 Mazda RX4?

Researching to find the current retail value for a 1974 Mazda RX4 has shown various prices depending on the condition and mileage of the vehicle. Average retail appears to be about $1,650 but in good condition with lower mileage it could be worth $2,650.

What is the current price of the Mazda 2?

There are two different models of the 2013 Mazda2. According to Kelley Blue Book, a new 2013 Mazda MAZDA2 Sport, Manual, 5-Speed has an MSRP of $15,515, a new 2013 Mazda MAZDA Touring, Automatic, 4-Speed has an MSRP of $17,845. The MSRPs of the same models but different years (2012) are $15,325 and $17,655

Your clock dash lights and the brake light is stuck on on myb 1987 Mazda 323 how can i fix this?

The lights mentioned are wired into the same fuse on a 1987 Mazda 323. First thing to check is the fuse. Using a spark tester poke the fuse and see if there is current flowing. If there isn't a current replace the fuse.

What does Mazda make?

Mazda speed 3, the 1st Mazda the Mazda cop. ever made, the Mazda 3, for more Mazda cars visit: MazdaUSA

What are some cars that have the same transmission as a 2000 Mazda 626 that I could replace the current transmission with?

a there only cars ok!

What is the difference between a mazda 3 and a mazda 4?

Mazda 3 exists. Mazda 4 doesn't. Did you mean Mazda 5? The difference between the Mazda 3 and the Mazda 4 is that the Mazda 3 is a compact car manufactered by Mazda. It was introduced in 2004. The biggest difference between the two, is that the Mazda 4, doesn't exist.

Where are Mazda factories in Europe?

There are a number of Mazda factories found in the continent of Europe. These include Mazda Suisse, Mazda Austria, Mazda Motor Italia, as well as Mazda Motor Europe.

What does Mazda mean in Japanese?

In Japanese, Mazda means... Mazda.Oddly enough, in Spanish, Mazda means... that's right, Mazda. In Japanese, Mazda means... Mazda.Oddly enough, in Spanish, Mazda means... that's right, Mazda.

What SUVs does Mazda make?

they make the mazda cx9 and mazda cx5

What is the fastest car in Gran Turismo 4?

The Fastest anyone has ever gone in a Mazda 787b is 412.6. At current it is the fastest car in the game.

Where is the city of Mazda located?

There is no city by the name of Mazda however there are plenty of City Mazda Dealerships where you can purchase a new or used Mazda vehicle. Mazda's are fairly good cars.

Who is the little girl in the Mazda zoom zoom commercial?

The little girl you inquire about is in fact a little boy! His name is Micah Kanters and he was 10 years old when the "Zoom Zoom" commercials were recorded. Source:

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Can a Mazda 626 engine fit in a Mazda MPV mini van?

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