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Gwyneth Paltrow is the famous mother of Apple. Other famous relatives of Apple are her father Chris Martin, her grandmother Blythe Danner, her late grandfather Bruce Paltrow, and her uncle Jake Paltrow.

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Who last name start or end with apple that famous?

Fiona Apple is a famous person with "apple" in her name. Christina Applegate is another.

Who is Anna zielinski's famous mother?

Her mother is not famous.

Famous person associated with an apple?

One famous person associated with an apple is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the founder of the Apple Corporation.

What are famous English desserts?

Apple Pie

What was Steve Jobs famous for?

famous for making apple

Who invented an apple?

Mother Nature

Which famous Italian dish is famous as pie?

~apple pie

Real or fictional name a famous person assoiciated with an apple?

Real or fictional name a famous person assoiciated with an apple?

What is mother in apple cider vinegar with mother?

Try asking again in English.

Name a famous person with the last name apple?

Fiona Apple - singer

What does digory bring back from Narnia to cure his mother?

An apple from the tree that grew from the apple that Aslan sent him to bring for the protection of Narnia. The apple Digory took back to his mother was not like the ones in the garden. It would cure his mother, but it wouldn't make her immortal.

Who is a famous mother in greek mythology?

One famous mother is Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, and another is Jocasta, the mother and wife of Oedipus.

What is op art most famous for?

Your mother your mother quana your mother marquis your mother

What fruit was Tasmainia famous for?

Apple. Tasmania was known as the Apple Isle, possibly still is.

Who is the worlds most famous mother?

Mother Goose

What was steven jobs famous for?

He is the CEO of apple

Who bakes the tastiest apple pie?

my mother :D

Who was king Richards famous mother?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was the mother of King Richard I, and is quite famous. There were two other kings of England named Richard, but neither had a mother nearly as famous.

Is Taylor Swift mother famous?

She is not famous for talent, but she is well known just because she is Taylor's mother.

What is Steve Jobs famous for?

Steve jobs is famous for inventing the i phone he is also the head of the company called apple Steve Jobs is famous for being co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple.

Who is a famous potter?

Your mother...

What was William Tell famous for?

He was famous for having to shoot an apple off of his son's head.

What is Normandy France famous for?

it is famous for apple brandy called calvadosand D-day

How did Steve Jobs got famous?

he got famous because he invented the apple product

When did Minecraft get famous?

It got famous when the iPods iPhones and other apple products came out.

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