Who is the famous person in the history in panama?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who is the famous person in the history in panama?
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Who is Panama's most famous person?

Manuel Noriega, at least in modern times.

Who is the most famous person in baseball history?

Babe RuthLou GehrigThe most famous person in baseball history is Babe Ruth.

What is one of the most famous cities in Panama?

Panama City is the most famous.

What is panama mostly famous for?

the panama canal !

Who is a famous person in Frances history?


What country may panama be famous for?

Panama is famous for its Canal which joins the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Who is the most famous person in German history?

a Jew.

What famous person changed history in 1965?


Is judy garland a famous person in American history?

In American history, I don't know. But she's pretty famous in general!

What capital city in Central America is on a famous canal?

Panama City, Panama is on the Panama Canal.

Is Terry Fox a famous person in history?

To most Canadians, he's very famous.

What is the History of Panama?

The Balboa