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Jennifer Saunders is the fastest with a time of 1min 46.1secs

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โˆ™ 2010-01-12 16:25:26
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Q: Who is the fastest woman on Top Gear?
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Whats the fastest tvr that's been on Top Gear?

The fastest TVR that has ever been on top gear was the TVR cebera speed 12.

What is the fastest gear in a car?

top gear

Who is the fastest man on Top Gear?

Usain Bolt

What is the fastest car in the world.?

The fastest car in the world is a Buggati Varon according to the well love program "Top Gear".

What is the fastest car in the wourld?

the gumpert of gumpurt, or something like that. made in germany. top gear tested it. watch the lap on in search box type in top gear gumpert lap The gumpert is the fastest track car, the bugatti is the fastest drag car

What is fastest car in the world?

The fastest car in the world is a Buggati Varon according to the well love program "Top Gear".

Who was the presenter of top gear in 1978?

i think it was the woman in the car program 5th gear?

Is the dacia sandero the fastest car in the world?

yes it is because top gear have proved it

How many pages are in the Top Gear 100 fastest cars?

The book is 208 pages long.

What is the fastest gear on a motorbike?

Your top gear or last gear you shift to. Depending on what make and model of your bike, either 4th or 5th on motocross bikes and for woods bikes it would be 5th or 6th.

What was the fastest car in 1949?

Jaguar XK120 (according to Season 13 of BBC Top Gear). Gorgeous car, btw.

What is the fastest ever lap time on Top Gear?

1:16.8 done by Bugatti veyron supersport.

What is the fastest ever prouduction car in the world?

Well, from the show "Top Gear" on "BBC America" the fastest car in the world is a Fararri, but a for a fast and co-opertive car you should get the newest Corvet.

When Top Gear starts?

The 4th is gear is said to be the top gear and the 5th gear is called double-top gear.

Is the zonda fastest car in the world?

no the pagani zonda was beaten by lamborghini murcielago in top gear but it came 3rd in in the expensive suppercar in the world

Fastest woman alive?

The fastest woman alive is Karen Sundae.

How do you get fastest board in sonic riders?

If you literally mean the Fastest gear then you get that by collecting junk parts in mission mode then repairing the faster gear turning it into the fastest gear. If your talking about the faster board as in speed wise then that's the high booster which can be purchased at the shop.

Is the Top Gear stig a boy or a girl?

No one knows exept the actuall producers of top gear , some people believe that it is a he and that it's Michael Schumacher , because of his great driving skills, but to truly find out wether the stig is a man or a woman you would have to work for top gear themselves, I hope that helped you out alittle bit

How fast will a buggitte go?

The Bugatti Veyron has a top speed of 431 km/h (267mph) but it went up to 253mph on Top Gear so not 100% accurate. It is the fastest road car ever.

Top Gear vs fifth gear who won?

Top Gear of course

When was Top Gear started?

old top gear was made in the 70s but modern top gear was invented in 2002

Who owns Top Gear?

the bbc owns top gear

What is the difference between the fastest man and the fastest woman?

Over 100m the time difference between word records is 0.91s. Between the current fastest man and fastest woman it is 1.06s.

Is the word she is a common noun?

A pronounThis is because you can use the word "she" instead of (pro-) a noun (or noun phrase).For example:The woman sped off in Top Gear.She sped off in top gear.My sister loves strawberries.She loves strawberries.

Has Australia bought top gear?

No, Top Gear is owned by the BBC