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I believe it's Angela Sarafyan. I concur. I recognize her from her appearance on "24". Thank you!

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โˆ™ 2006-08-15 20:37:06
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Q: Who is the girl in Cingular commercial with the clear umbrella?
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Who is the band on the cingular commercial with the guy on the drums and the girl on the keyboard?

the weight

Is the guy in the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper commercial the same as the guy in the Cingular commercial who waits for the girl to call him?

Dr. Pepper and Cingular CommercialsNot the same guy. no

On the Cingular commercial with a guy dancing on a train and then a girl looks at him and takes a picture of him and then he asks her to go dancing what is the song playing?

Try this site for song commercial names and artists: Cingular has several commercials and songs out now.

Where can you find the words to the Cingular commercial where the girl is grateful and loves her mom?

In you van find almost everything!

Who is the girl that says I do not knowyour BFF Jill in the Cingular commercial?

Victoria Goldsmith. 2010-2011 high school freshman.

What actors and actresses appeared in Umbrella Girl - 2011?

The cast of Umbrella Girl - 2011 includes: Sisi Feng as Umbrella Girl Vicquie Lee as Mom

What is the song in the Cingular-Nokia commercial with the girl with headphones plugged on her cellphone while she walks and her shadow and reflection dances?

The song is called No Sleep Tonight and it's by The Faders. It rocks.

Where can you find the clean and clear commercial with the Asian girl?

Try YouTube, you can find practically any commercial/video you're looking for on there.

Who is the dancing girl in the new iTunes Cingular ad?

Jennifer Lopez

What is the song in the Cingular commercial with the floating phones where the girl dances around then one phone in the sea of floating phones lights up and she plucks it down and answers it?

That commercial brought tears to my eyes. I was alone on a work assignment in China away from my family for months and the girl's expression of innocent amazement reminded me so much of my then 15 year old daughter that it made me sad every time I saw it. I never saw the commercial in the US - only in China. I thought it was a Motorola commercial, so I'm glad you posted your question stating it was a Cingular commercial.

What is the name of the song featured in the new Cingular Razor commercial that has a slow beat and is sung by a woman?

If it is the girl coming out of a building and then there are floating things in the air, it is Viva Voce - Keep your head up.

Why are so many questions on WikiAnswers related to commercials?

* Inquiring minds want to know. * Recent Cingular, Telus and Fruit of the Loom commercials are really, really good. They peak people's interest, stay on the top of their minds and cause them to want to know more. Basically, they're effective. These are the types of commercials that get discussed at work, at parties and so on. Some have great tunes, jingles and/or attractive actors. WikiAnswers is a great place to have all your questions answered. This includes questions about commercials such as "Who sings the song 'You Can't Over Love Your Underwear' heard in the Fruit of the Loom commercial" or "Who is the girl holding the clear umbrella in the recent Cingular TV ad?"

Who is the blonde girl in the Cingular Family Talk commercial whose father tries to follow her whenever she goes out with boys?

That girl's name is Danielle Savre. Her acting bio is at

Who is the cute brunette girl in the Cingular commercials?

The brunette actress in the Cingular commercials is Milana Vayntrub. She began her acting career in 1995 appearing in the television show, ER.

Who is the girl in the Cingular commercial where after a date she tells the guy she will call him and he's worried she won't call but she finally does?

she is faye mccaffery the blonde girl at hccs in year 11 she is faye mccaffery the blonde girl at hccs in year 11 P.S: if you are REALLY asking this question...kudos to you! =D

Who is the water ski girl in Claritin clear commercial?

If I am not mistaken it is an actress/ model named Angi Greene.

Who is the girl on the right on the Clean and Clear website who is wearing the grey vest and pink shirt who is in the new commercial?

Kayla Ewell

What is the name of yellow vested Indian girl in new clean and clear blackhead ka ant commercial?

Amy dastur

Who is the shorthaired girl on the Clean and Clear commercial?

Clean and Clear has many commercials with short haired girls in them. They do not share credits for the commercials with the public so at this time her name is unknown.

Who is the girl in the ihop commercial?

Who is the girl in the new IHOP commercial

Did Rihanna sing Umbrella or did Good Girl Gone Bad sing it?

Rihanna sings Umbrella, and the title of her Album is Good Girl gone Bad. You probably got that confused because you heard Jay Z say Good Girl Gone Bad in the Umbrella remix.

What is the song in the new cingular commercial that goes oooooo you make you feel good girl or something like that Not sure if good is the word they use but I am pretty sure about the others?

"You're My Best Friend" by Queen. And the line is "Ooh, you make me live"

The Umbrella Man Characters?

the characters in the story umbrella man are the girl(the narrator), the mother and the old man. ruchi

What is the song on the cingular wireless commercial when he has his child's toy?

Ive been lookin for this song forever too. Its the commercial when the little girl puts the stuffed monkey doll in the dad's briefcase. When he comes home, he sends a picture to their computer with the monkey on the home mailbox. The artist and song name is: Amos Lee - Sweet Pea

What Rihanna album is Umbrella on?

Good Girl Gone Bad