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Who is the governer of Georgia?

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Nathan Deal was elected to the 2011-2015 term.

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What state was Jimmy Carter governer of?

Jimmy Carter was the Governer of Georgia.

What does nathan deal does for georgia?

he is the governer...

Having to do with a governer of a governer called?

governer of superiour

What were John Reynolds accomplishments?

well, john reynolds accomplishments are that he became the 3rd royal governer of georgia.

What are some facts about Jimmy Carter?

He was Governer of Georgia. He was Presidnet of the United States. He won the 2002 Nobel peace prize.

What branch of government is the governer in?

The governer is in the executive branch.

What is having to do with a governer of a governer?

im thinking its gubernatorial

Who is the governer of India?

there is no governer for india,dere is only president

Who is the women governer of Tamil nadu?

No women governer is in Tamil Nadu

What politican died because of a duel?

Button Gwinnet died in a duel. He was a delegate from Georgia and signed the Declaration of Independence FOR Georgia. He later thought that since he did that he should become governer of Georgia and challenged the one that was in office to a duel. He injured his opponent, but unlike his wound, it was not fatal.

Who was the governer of the pilgrims?

the governer of the pilgrims were John Carver, William Brewster, and William Bratford

First governer of Massachusetts?

the first governer of Massachusetts bay colony was john winthrop

What is the purpose of the governer?

To prevent a vehicle from going faster that a certain speed as determined by the governer.

What is the top speed of the Chrysler 200?

120mph with the Governer limiter. without Governer limiter, 155mph.

Did Juan Ponce de Leรณn become governer?

yes, he was the first governer of puerto rico

Who is the current governor in Germany?

The current governer is Chancellor Angela Merkel. She is the governer since July 2004.

How do you spell govenar?


Who appoints the Governor of India?

On the recomendation of the union cabinet the President appoints a Governer of a state. There is no one Governer Of India as such.

Who is the governor of NEW Delhi?

yes this is the same governer of delhi and new delhi so hi is the governer of delhi?

How do you take the govenor off your tecumesh motor?

on a small engine there are generally two types of governers, an air vane governer and a mechanical governer, depending on what type of governer you have it is possible to run the engine without the governer, on a mechanical governer it is more difficult, you will need to unhook the linkage to the governer-throttlebody, and fix in place the governer linkage arm, hook throttle cable directly to throttlebody, (note- most small engines of the lawn and garden type are rated to run a constant 3,800 rpm, increasing speed will cause premature failure and possible extreme engine damage

Who is the Governer of Alberta?

the governer of Alberta is Lieutenant Governor Donald S. Ethell you can read more about him at

Who makes the laws of the state?


What is a charter?

a document given by a governer

Who is the leader of any state?


Who is the governer of Maine?

It is Paul LePage.