Who is the governor in Spain?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Each province has a governor.

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Q: Who is the governor in Spain?
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What was the governor of what who sent Cortes to conquer Mexico?

It wasn't a governor but the monarchy of Spain.

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What was the title of the governor of New Spain?


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Why was Columbus brought back to Spain in chains?

People in Spain didn't like him as governor so he was in chains

Which term refers to a royal governor of new Spain?

King, monarch

Who funded hernan Cortes expedition?

Spain sponsored the explorations of Cortes

What does parliamentary monarchy mean for Spain?

It means the governor have overrule and overwhelm its power

Who was Hernando Cortes sponsor?

Spain Is the sponser how it is

What did Hernando Cortes do in life?

He conquered the Aztecs in Mexico in 1521 and became governor of what was then New Spain.

What s the central government of Philippines under Spain?

king of Spain ---->ultramar---->viceroy of Mexico---->governor general,,,part of governor general...---->real audiencia(investigative body)---->residencia---->visita---->army&navy THAT'S ALL I KNOW :) HOPE YOU GOT SOMETHING :))

Spain and the governor of spanish Louisiana supplied secret aid and helped attack british forts along the what?