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Who is the greatest champion in the history of the WWE?


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The greatest champion in the history of the WWE is Macho Man Randy Savage.

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The greatest womens champ in my opinion would be the fabulous moolah (R.I.P).

the greatest champion in all of wwe is PAUL ANTHONY LOPEZ thats the truth

Bruno Sammartino was the second and longest reigning wwe champion in the history of the wwe. He held the wwe championship for over 8 years.

Brock Edward Lesnar three-time WWE Champion, is the youngest WWE Champion in history age 25.He Became the youngest WWE champion by defeating Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Summerslam 2002Randy Orton is the youngest world heavyweight champion age 24

Batista because he is 5 time-world heavyweight champion and he is the longgest world heavyweight champion reign in 282 days and wwe champion in 2 times

Rey Mysterio was a former WWE Champion winning it against The Miz on Monday Night Raw in 2011, and then losing it to John Cena. Making Rey, the shortest champion in history of WWE.

yes on 12/13/09 sheamus defeated john cena at wwe TLC to become the frist Irish wwe champion in history.

Go to WWE.com and search under title history and select WWE Championship title history

ryback aka skip Sheffield is the wwe champion

I am not totally sure but rumor has it he will be champion again and it will be his greatest come back ever

Right now, CM Punk. Arguably the greatest of all time as WWE Champion, Steve Austin

The Big Show has won the ECW World Champion, WWE Champion, WCW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, United States Champion, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion

Triple H: 12 Times World or WWE Champion. All in WWF/WWE. Ric Flair: 16 Times World or WWE Champion. Spread between NWA/WCW/WWF/WWE. Raven: 27 Times Hardcore Champion. All in WWF/WWE Sandman: 4 Times ECW Champion. All in ECW

Brock Lesner is the new wwe champion

world heavyweight champion wwe champion intercomtinental champion wwe tag team champion world tag team champion ecw champion divas champion united states champion

well it is vacantIt is not vacant Sheamus is the WWE Champion

the wwe champion cuurently is randy orton

The fastest wwe champion is John Cena

CM Punk is the WWE Champion

I think he has been the WWE Champion twice. I think he has been WWE World Champion once and ECW Champion once while at the WWE.

By joining the WWE and defeating the WWE champion. Or by buying the replica belt at gift stores

There are:WWe ChampionWorld Heavyweight ChampionHardcore ChampionInter Contenental championUs championcruiserweight champion

The Current WWE Diva's Champion is Alicia Fox

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