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He was a security guard at the studio where American Dad is made.

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Q: Who is the guy at the end of American Dad credits?
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What does the guy say at the end if American dad?

Goodbye, have a beautiful time! *thumbs up*

Who is the guy who shows up after the credits in amazing spider man?

spidermans dad

What are the two top American cartoons?

People still voting family guy, American dad, and simpsons i don't no if southpark is in it.But so far 1st is family guy and American dad i see how family guy is funny but American dad i don't get really same animation but i just don't get it.So i think its family guy and American dad.

What is Joe's last name in American dad?

There is no Joe in American Dad, there is in Family Guy. His last name is Swanson.

What is name of the episode when American Dad meets Family Guy?

Brian & Stewie meet Stan Smith & Avery Bullock in the Family Guy episode Lois Kills StewieRoger does a walk-on at the end of Family Guy's Meet the QuagmiresStan mentions Brian when he's seen watching Family Guy in the FG episode Excellence in BroadcastingStan talks to Brian in the American Dad episode People vs Martin SugarPeter, Cleveland & Stan hold guns on each other at the end of the American Dad episode Hurricane!Roger & Steve watch a Family Guy DVD featuring a scene w/ Stewie & Brian in the American Dad episode The Worst Stan

Are Family guy and American dad in the same universe?


What is Princeton's favorite SHOW?

Family guy,and American dad.

Where can you play Family Guy vs American Dad on the web?

When does Family Guy meet American Dad?

See the provided link for a complete list of Family Guy American Dad crossovers.!

Was 'American Dad' created by the same team than 'Family Guy'?

Your question is phrased wrong so assuming you mean "Was American Dad created by the same team that created Family Guy"The answer... No.Seth MacFarlane (obviously) created both Family Guy and American Dad, but Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman were executive producers on Family Guy but they did not create Family Guy.

Who is the guy that played the Marine dad in American Beauty?

Chris Cooper.

What is the end credits song to family guy blue harvest?

The Star Wars Theme obviously.

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