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Who is the head of state of South Africa?

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The current President of South Africa is Jacob Zuma.

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What is South Africa's form of leadership?

South Africa follows democratic principles with a President as head of the State.

Who is the head government of South Africa?

The head of the government of South Africa is the president. The current president of South Africa is Jacob Zuma.

What is the functions of the head of state of South Africa?

Mainly because South Africa is arepublic meaning that elections are held to elect a head of state in South Africa , we find that the president held both the positions of the head of state and head of government, in that the South African president has both the functions of the head of state and head of government, but the main functions of the president is that to veto legislation and perform some of the ceremonial functions, but in this instance the ddeputy can assist the president, lets say the president has visited foreign countries maybe to attend funeral of another state , the deputy can act in the position of the president

What type of govermentdoes south Africa have?

It is known as a Parliamentary Republic where the President is both Head of State and Head of Government

What was Nelson Mandela's field?

Nelson mandela's field was head of state in south africa

Is South Africa a sovereign state?

yes South AFRICA is a sovereign state

Is South Africa a state?

No, South Africa is a country.

What contient is South Africa in?

South Africa is a state on the continent of Africa.

Who is the head of state of Africa?

Africa does not have a head of state. Africa is not a country. It is a continent. It has more than 50 countries in it. Each of those countries would have their own head of state.

Who is head of the government in South Africa?

Jacob Zuma is the President of South Africa.

Is South Africa a capitalist state?

south africa is a democratic state,therefore democracy drives capitalism so south africa is a capitalist state which allows free trade

Who is the Minister of State Security for South Africa?

David Mahlobo is the Minister of State Security for South Africa.

Is Israel in South Africa?

No, Israel is not in South Africa.Israel is an independent State.

What is the name of a South African Monarchy?

South Africa doesn't have a monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II of the UK was formerley the head of state until the 1960s.

Who was the president of South Africa in 1982?

The state president of South Africa in 1982 was Marais Viljoen. He served from 1979 to 1984 and was the last ceremonial state president of South Africa.

What are things in South Africa start with f?

Free State is a Province in South Africa

Which is poorest state in world?

Africa is not a country the poorest state is the largest state of south Sudan because south Sudan is the poorest is in Africa and the richest country in Africa is Nigeria.

Is cape agulhas a state in Africa?

Cape Agulhas is the southern most part of South Africa. South Africa is a country in Africa.

A free state in South Africa?

You may be thinking of Orange Free State, a British colony and later a province of South Africa

Where is the head office of Reebok in south Africa?


How stable is south Africa?

as stable as oshiens head

Name the major trading state of africa south of the sahara?

The major trading state in this region is South Africa. It is one of the most economically stable countries in Africa.

In what state or country is Africa?

Africa is a CONTINENT, not a country or state. It is made up of many countries from Morrocco in the North West, Egypt in the North East and South Africa in the South.

What African state is Johannesburg in?

It is in South Africa.

Which former head of state spent many years as a prisoner at Robben Island?

This is the first black President of South Africa Nelson Mandela.

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