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The king of the Greek gods is married to the goddess Hera.

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Q: Who is the king of the Greek gods married to?
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Was Hera the Greek goddess married?

Yes, she was married to her brother, Zeus, the King of the Gods.

Did the greek gods get married?

Yes the Greek gods and goddesses married.

Who was the king of gods in the Greek mythology?

The king of Greek gods, is the sky god, father of all gods, one of the big three, is Zeus.

The king of the greek gods was?

The king of all of the gods is Zeus he is the ruler of earth and hevan he was powerfull.There was more then one Greek god called "King", it goes like so:PhanesNyx (Night, Goddess)Ouranos/GaeaOphiôn(King)/Eurynomê(Queen)-TitanKronos(King)/Rhea (Queen)-TitanZeus (King of Heaven)/Hera (Queen)Hades (King of Underworld)/Persephone (Queen)Poseidon(King of Sea)/Amphitrite (Queen)There are others, these being the main ones.

Who believed that Hera was the queen of the gods?

As Hera is the queen of the gods, it is assumed that most Greek people believed that she was the queen of the gods. She is married to Zeus, who is the king of the gods.

Who is the king of the Greek gods and goddesses?

Zeus is the king of the gods.

Which greek god was the king of gods?

Zeus was the king of the greek gods. His wife Hera was the queen

Who was the Roman goddess Juno?

Juno was the queen of the gods, goddess of marriage and married to Jupiter, the king of the gods. Her Greek counterpart is Hera.

Who is the greek king of the gods?

zeus is the greek king of the god!.

Who is ruler of the greek gods?

Zeus is the king and ruler of the Greek gods.

Was Zeus the king of the Greek Gods?

Yes he was the king of the Greek Gods. Zeus was king of the Olympians. The earlier Greek gods were the Titans, and Kronos (father of Zeus) was their king. When referring to the Greek pantheon, it is generally always the Olympians who are referred to.

Ruler of greek gods?

The king of the gods Zeus.

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