Who is the lead singer of Three Days Grace?

The lead singer of Three Days Grace is Adam Gontier. He started a band called 'Groundswell' with a friend when he was in high school, but the name would later change to Three Days Grace. Later another member was added to the band, and they signed a record deal. Their record label is the same one that Justin Timberlake, and The Backstreet Boys are on. The band started off with a punkrock sound that millions of fans begain to adore. While still touring their first Album Adam started taking Oxy Contin and developed a bad addiction. He "went to rehab" where he wrote three of the most fantastic songs of our time Pain, Animal I have become and Never to late.He recovered and has been clean ever since. The image of the band changed a little along with the members to a more mature look and sound. The band is currently touring their newest album Life Starts Now. Three Days Grace is one of the greatest bands to see live.