Who is the leader of Austria?

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Heinz Fischer
The federal president is Alfred Gusenbauer, he's a member of the Austrian party SPÖ.
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Who was the leader of Austria during World War 2?

Answer . Austria was annexed by Germany in April 1938 and remained part of Germany till May 1945. It didn't have its own leader. . Austria was part of Germany in WWII -Feewet

Who was the leader of Austria-Hungary during World War I?

Emperor Franz Josef I was the ruler of Austria-Hungary during World War 1. He was the uncle of the assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who had been his designated heir. Franz Josef gave titular command to Archduke Friedrich von Österreich-Teschen, but the real authority was held by the head ( Full Answer )

What does Austria export?

The most common export goods are machinery, goods in progress, food and luxury articles... One of the most important export goods of Austria is wine!

Who are the leaders of Austria?

The leaders of Austria are the President of Austria and the Chancellor of Austria. The Chancellor of Austria is the head of the largest political party in the governing coalition in the National Council in Austria, and is technically appointed by the president. The President is Heinz Fischer ( Full Answer )

Who was the military leader of Austria-Hungary during World War 1?

Franz Joseph I was the Emperor until his death in1916, when he was succeeded by Charles IV. Chief of Staff of the Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces was Count Francis Conrad von Hotzendorf . Emperor Franz Josef I gave titular command of the army to Archduke Friedrich von Österreich-Teschen, but the ( Full Answer )

Who are the current leaders of Austria?

The current leader in Austria is Chief Executive Werner Faymann. Hewas elected in 2008. The country's legislature has 183 seats.

When was Austria annexed?

Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938 in the Anschluss Osterreiches (the Connection of Austria). Austria did not regain full sovereignty until 1955.

The annexation of Austria?

Annexation of Austria was the merge of Austria into Nazi Germany OnMarch 12, 1938, Nazi parties from Austria and Germany werecollaboratively involved in the Annexation of Austria.

How is study in Austria?

Peachy keen. Hello my name is markus and i am from asutria. Studying in austria is really great. loats of fun and cool people. I don´t know in what degree you are interested of. I can recommend you www.easydegree.at - their are information to all degrees in austria available - provided you can ( Full Answer )

What is Austria known for?

according to wikkipedia Austria is known for its music (Mozart) and also for its architecture (castles,cemetaries)

Wildlife in Austria?

Austria has numerous different types of wildlife that are native tothe land. There are multiple different deer, the ibex, wild boars,and the chamois.

Is Austria an MEDC?

\n. \n. \nYes it is, Austria also belongs to the "First World", in other terms.

What do they wear in Austria?

people in austria wear normal things like people in other countries like the USA or England

What do they eat in Austria?

In the Tirol a traditional dish is Tiroler Grostel, which is a fried potato dish with various cubes of meat (usually bacon, sausage and beef). This is sometimes served with a fried egg on top.

Who founded Austria?

The ancient Celts settled the area now known as Austria and much of Europe, during the Bronze and Iron Age or there abouts. In the 700's Charlemagne came to rule the region. Austria became a republic in 1918 at the close of WWI.

What is Seleenwoch in Austria?

An old tradition of one week continuous prayer for the dead and deceased around Allerheiligen (1st November) and Allerseelen (2nd November). Not sure if it is still practised, at least in the area I grew up (Upper Austria) it hasn't been practised for quite a while, as my grand parents told me about ( Full Answer )

Who was the political leader of Austria-Hungary during World War I?

The political leader of Austria-Hungary during World War 1 was Franz Josef. Extra info: His only son killed himself because he didn't want to marry this princess from another kingdom because she was UGLY so Franz Josef's nephew Franz Ferdinand became the Archduke (the heir) but he was assassinated ( Full Answer )

Who is the ruler of Austria?

\nLeader of the government is the Federel Chancellor, at the moment Werner Faymann, decided by the party winning the parliamentary elections. Above him there is still the President with mostly representative tasks and not that much power. Austria's President is Dr. Heinz Fischer.

Christmas in Austria?

The feast of St. Nicholas marks the beginning of Christmas in Austria.The saint accompanied by devil ask children for a list of their good and bad deeds. good children are given sweets,toys and nuts. Gifts that are placed under the tree are opened after dinner on Christmas Eve. Brass instruments pla ( Full Answer )

How do you hello in Austria?

There are many different ways to do so, depending on the situation:\nIn formal situations you might say "Grüß Gott" or "Guten Tag", with "Guten Tag" being more common in Germany and bigger Austrian cities. In the morning a "Guten Morgen!" is the normal greeting, in the evening you might also s ( Full Answer )

Is Austria unilingual?

No. Languages: German (official nationwide) 88.6%, Turkish 2.3%, Serbian 2.2%, Croatian (official in Burgenland) 1.6%, other (includes Slovene,official in Carinthia, and Hungarian, official in Burgenland) 5.3% (2001 census)

Does Austria have beaches?

None whatsoever! Only lakes, you see...and to see, one must view a map of the country and its surroundings...and to experience, one must visit!

Who is in charge of Austria?

Austria is a republic. It has a president as head of state,currently Heinz Fischer. The head of government is known as aChancellor and currently that is Werner Fayman.

Are there elections in Austria?

Austria is a federal republic hence there are elections. There are the elections of the federal government every five years. Furthermore elections are regularly held in each of the nine states of Austria and in all townships. The president is elected by direct vote in a 6 years interval. Head of gov ( Full Answer )

What is manufactured in Austria?

Pez Candy, Mannlicher-Schonenauer firearms ( Steyr) , Steyr-Daimler Puch motorcycles and mopeds- formerly sold in the US by Sears,Roebuck under the Allstate label, neat bikes. The Glock automatic pistol is also of Austrian make.

What foods do they have in Austria?

In the Tirol a traditional dish is Tiroler Grostel, which is a fried potato dish with various cubes of meat (usually bacon, sausage and beef). This is sometimes served with a fried egg on top.

Is Austria nuclear?

1978 Austria's population voted against the launch of the country's only nuclear power plant near Zwentendorf (Lower Austria). After that event the national council made a law that forbade the building of nuclear powerplants without positive popular vote. However, there is one scientific reactor lo ( Full Answer )

Does Austria have a coastline?

No. Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe. Neither does it have any large lakes with a significant shoreline.

Is there poker in Austria?

Well, yes. There are the Casinos Austria casino halls all over the country where people can play poker, too. Certainly, there are private poker sessions taking place in addition to that.

Are there volcanoes in Austria?

Austria has no active volcanoes. There are, however, extinct volcanoes. Also Austria is not Australia. Australia has a volcano and it is called Big Ben, but these are not the same countries and they are located on different sides of the planet.

What are the mesuems are there in Austria?

There is a great military museum near Schweizerpark and the Westbahnhof (train station). In it is displayed the car that Franz Ferdinand was shot in, and his uniform with the bullet hole and blood stains. (This shooting is said to have started WWI).

Is the US in Austria?

No. The United States is a country located in North America. The continental U.S. lies South of Canada, and North of Mexico; however, there are states and territories owned by the United States which are not part part of the continental U.S. Such territories include Hawaii, Alaska and a number of ot ( Full Answer )

Who attacked Austria?

28 July 1914 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia 6 August 1914 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia 23 Maj 1915 - Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary

Is austria Hungary the same as austria?

First it was Hungary under Habsburg rule from the 16th century. Later, there was a Hungarian Revolution in March, 1848, and a War of Independence against the Habsburg rule in 1848-49. It was unsuccessful. The absolutism and the oppresion became even stronger. When the Habsburgs suffered some militar ( Full Answer )

Why is austria named austria?

Firstly in German the country is called "Österreich". At first the country was denoted as "Marchia Orientalis", wich means something like "eastern border". The first German translation was "Osterrîchi"; a term, which first appeared in the Ostarrîchi Document from 996. The word"Austria" is a ( Full Answer )

Does Austria have rainforests?

No , it doesn't. Austria is rather known for it's mountains, lakes and rivers, such as the Großglockner (3798m high), Neusiedler See (315km 2 wide), wich's known as Lake Neusiedl in English and the river Donau.

What are religions in Austria?

I love that question! Austria has many Protestant roots back into the Reformation, with Martin Luther of Germany, yet the Hapsburg Dynasty I believe was mainly Catholic. In Switzerland, During the Radical Reformation, like with the Hutterian Brethren, (Hutterites), they spread to Austria in the sout ( Full Answer )

Who is Austria hungarys leader?

The Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was dissolved following World War I, was led by Emperor Franz Josef I. By the time the war started, Franz Josel was in his eighties, so his military forces were led by General von Hotzendorf until by General von Hötzendorf. When Emperor Franz Josef died in 1916 ( Full Answer )