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Who is the manufacturer of Fendi perfumes?

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Here's the best I could find: Fendi perfume is a product of Lacoste (the alligator logo t-shirt guys), and perhaps by pursuing these bits of information you can find out who manufactures it: Company info: The company is currently owned by Devanlay US, INC. The fragrance line is owned by Procter and Gamble. Lacoste is headquartered in Paris, France. Lacoste currently has its production capital in Troyes, France, though they delegate production of international clothing to numerous factories around the world, including those found in Peru and Morocco.

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How many types of Fendi perfumes have been produced?

The company Fendi has 7 different perfume fragrances. The 1st was released in 1985 called Fendi for Women. The latest of Fendi's perfume is named Fan di Fendi.

Who owns the rights to designer perfumes?

The manufacturer or developer, unless other agreements have been made.

Is fendi French?

Fendi is Italian, not French.

How to get a Fendi handbag repaired?

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What is the official Fendi website?

The official Fendi website is: The official Fendi website is:

Where to purchase Fendi handbag zipper replacement?

If you call the Fendi boutique there are authorized repair shops that do have Fendi parts.

What is the definition of Fendi?

There is no real definition for Fendi because Fendi is a designer label. Fendi was first established in Italy. Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director. This multinational luxury goods brand is owned by LVMH.

When was Fendi Onobun born?

Fendi Onobun was born on 1986-11-17.

When did Peter Fendi die?

Peter Fendi died on 1842-08-28.

When was Peter Fendi born?

Peter Fendi was born on 1796-09-04.

How tall is Fendi Onobun?

NFL player Fendi Onobun is 6'-06''.

Who sells wholesale coach handbags fendi handbags gucci handbags?

The manufacturer of said products

What NFL team does Fendi Onobun play for?

Fendi Onobun plays for the Chicago Bears.

What is the contact number of fendi head office?

Head office of Fendi UK contact number

Fendi corprate office in New York?

fendi corporate office address in New York

What is Fendi Onobun's number on the Chicago Bears?

Fendi Onobun is number 84 on the Chicago Bears.

What position does Fendi Onobun play?

Fendi Onobun plays Tight End for the Chicago Bears.

Where is fendi factory?

Fendi factory is a wide range outlet where you can find sophisticated clothes and high class accessories. The Fendi factory is located in Rome and is established in the year 1925.

Where can you find fendi eyeglass frame 625 size 51-16?

Try Fendi. Ebay.

Are fendi bags made in china?

the knock off ones are. Authentic Fendi bags are made in Italy.

What college did NFL player Fendi Onobun play for?

NFL player Fendi Onobun played for Houston.

How can I repair a zipper on my Fendi purse?

You can call Fendi and they should repair it for you quickly. Otherwise, take it to a tailor.

Is fendi perfume to be discontinued?


When was the birthday of fendi?

Adele Casagrande was born in 1897. In 1925 married Edoardo Fendi changing her last name

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