Who is the mormons?

"Mormons" are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church has over 15 million baptized members worldwide, and these members come from nearly every nationality, culture, status, and background. While Mormons might differ physically and temporally, they are united in their faith. Mormons are Restorationist Christians, meaning that they believe their church is the true New Testament Christian Church restored (rather than continued or reformed) in modern times. The doctrines and authority of the original Christianity were restored to the prophet Joseph Smith through visitations by Jesus Christ, Peter, James, John the Beloved, John the Baptist, and other Biblical figures. Mormons share most beliefs and practices with other Christians, but also have some unique doctrines, including modern prophets, additional scripture, and temple ceremonies.Mormons tend to be very open and excited to share their faith with anyone interested. You can visit their official website, Mormon.org, to learn more about the faith and to get in contact with Mormons near you.