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Who is the oldest superstar?

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Who is the oldest superstar in WWE?

The oldest superstar in the WWE was Ric Flair, but then he retired. I dont know who is now.

Who is the oldest WWE superstar?

its vince but if you mean wrestler its finlay

Is The Undertaker the oldest WWE superstar?

no its either hbk hhh or captain courisma but in my opion its probly hbk

How old is all the superstar in WWE?

The youngest are around 20 The oldest is Vince McMahon who is about 86 Hope this helped :D

Who is superstar?

dipen is superstar . dipen is superstar . dipen is superstar .

How do you get superstar hair for non superstar on stardoll?

You have to be a superstar to have superstar hair on Stardoll.

Does nba live 06 have a superstar mode?

There is no superstar mode but there is superstar difficulty.

How do you buy superstar items on Stardoll without being superstar?

You have to be a superstar no matter what to buy superstar items. I am sorry to say. :( But you can but stardollars and then you will become a superstar for 6 months but if you keep buying stardollars you will become a superstar permentally!

When was Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar song - created?

Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar song - was created in 1970.

What are the superstars in create-an-entrance on smackdown vs raw 2010?

Legend 01 - Hulk Hogan Legend 02 - Jimmy Snuka Legend 03 - Mr. Perfect Legend 04 - Junkyard Dog Legend 05 - Eddie Guerrero Legend 06 - Terry Funk Legend 07 - Mick Foley Legend 08 - Ric Flair Superstar 01 - Kurt Angle Superstar 02 - Booker T Superstar 03 - King Booker Superstar 04 - Chris Masters Superstar 05 - Rob Van Dam Superstar 06 - Sabu Superstar 07 - Sandman Superstar 08 - Test Superstar 09 - Kenny Dykstra Superstar 10 - Bobby Lashley Superstar 11 - Gregory Helms Superstar 12 - Kevin Thorn Superstar 13 - Balls Mahoney Superstar 14 - Lance Cade Superstar 15 - Trevor Murdoch Superstar 16 - Big Daddy V Superstar 17 - Snitsky Superstar 18 - Paul London Superstar 19 - Chuck Palumbo Superstar 20 - Tazz Superstar 21 - Hardcore Holly Superstar 22 - Paul Burchill Superstar 23 - Chris Jericho Superstar 24 - Randy Orton Superstar 25 - Shane McMahon Superstar 26 - Curt Hawkins Superstar 27 - Zack Ryder Superstar 28 - Charlie Haas Superstar 29 - Super Crazy Superstar 30 - Vader Superstar 31 - Doink the Clown Superstar 32 - The Boogeyman Superstar 33 - Jimmy Wang Yang Superstar 34 - Boxer Superstar 35 - Clumsy Superstar Superstar 36 - Ladies Man Superstar 37 - VIP Superstar 38 - Zombie Diva 01 - Maria Diva 02 - Torrie Wilson Diva 03 - Ashley Diva 04 - Layla Diva 05 - Victoria Diva 06 - Candice Diva 07 - Jillian Diva 08 - Gymnastics Diva Diva 09 - Vampire Diva

Who is Indian Superstar?

RajniKanth is an Indian Superstar

Is Jeff hardy a WWE superstar or tna superstar?

He is a former WWE superstar, but is currently with TNA.

Who is the oldest WWE superstar in 2009?

well, specifically, if your thinking of old wrestlers that are still wrestling today, I'd have to say either Chris Jericho from SmackDown, or Sting from TNA, but when it comes to former WWE superstars, I'd have to say Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair are the oldest. It depends, you have to be more specific. Listen up slammer1994,first of all,they want to who is the oldest WWE superstar in 2009 I'd say either Shawn Michaels from Raw or The Undertaker from SmackDown. But Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are WWE legends.And they were specific.

Are there more girl superstar or boy superstar?

There is more girls superstar in stardoll cuz there is not much boys on

Which WWE superstar retired in 2010?

Here are the ones I know: Tommy Dreamer (ECW Superstar) DJ Gabriel (ECW Sperstar) Eric Escobar (SmackDown! Superstar) The Hurricane (ECW Superstar) Paul Burchill (ECW Superstar) Maria (SmackDown! Diva) Scott Armstrong (WWE Referee) Charlie Haas (SmackDown! Superstar) Shawn Michaels (RAW Superstar) Lance Cade (RAW Superstar) Mickie James (SmackDown! Diva) Katie Lea (RAW Diva) Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown! Superstar) Slam Master J (SmackDown! Superstar) Jimmy Wang Yang (SmackDown! Superstar) Kung Fu Naki (SmackDown! Superstar) Mike Knox (SmackDown! Superstar) Tony Atlas (ECW Manager) Carlito (RAW Superstar) Batista (RAW Superstar) Daniel Bryan (NXT Rookie) (Soon Rehired later as a RAW Superstar) Savannah (SmackDown! Diva) Serena (SmackDown! Diva) Aloisa (NXT Diva) Chris Jericho (RAW Superstar) Jaime Keyes (NXT Diva) Matt Hardy (SmackDown! Superstar) John Cena (RAW Superstar) (Soon Rehired back to RAW) Shad Gaspard (SmackDown! Superstar) Vance Archer (SmackDown! Superstar) Tiffany (SmackDown! Diva) Luke Gallows (SmackDown! Superstar) Caylon Croft (SmackDown! Superstar) Jillian Hall (RAW Diva) Aaron Mahoney (WWE Referee) MVP (SmackDown! Superstar) Kaval (SmackDown! Superstar) Ashley Valence (NXT Announcer)

How do you use superstar in a sentence?

i saw a superstar at the mall

Give you a sentence with the word superstar?

The superstar is crazy!I saw a superstar at the mall.The superstar wore a nice dress at the concert.I wish that i be a superstar in the future.That's all what i got nowHere's a stupid one but it's the easiest it's like KG'Ssentence!I am a superstar. HAHAHAHA

When is Superstar Day on Stardoll?

On Stardoll a Superstar day is on the third day that you have had an account you get a free Superstar day where you can buy anything superstar! you can buy makeup's, clothes, accessories, furniture for your suite, you can broadcast, you can design your own clothes and buy them!! a superstar day gives you 24 hours to see what it is like as a superstar and you can judge on it whether you want to upgrade to a superstar!

How do you sell items on stardoll?

You have to be a superstar! With Superstar you have to pay money!

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