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Q: Who is the principal of Franklin elementary school?
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Did Franklin roosevelt go to elementary school?

He went to Claymont Elementary school.

Who is Newburg Elementary School in Louisville Ky school principal?

This is no longer an elementary school. It is currently a middle school.

Who is the new principal for east chilliwack elementary school?

The new principal for east chilliwack elementary school is Ruth Neufeld I know this because i am a student there

What class did principal skinner teach?

Principal Skinner is not a teacher, he is the principal at Bart and Lisa Simpson's elementary school.

Where did Franklin Roosevelt go to school?

He went to Claymont Elementary school.

Who is the principal at Leetonia Elementary school in Ohio?

Mr. Troy. Redinski

Who is the principal of freedom WI elementary school?

Mrs. Jeanne Czech.

What is the list of defunct schools in Superior WI?

The list of defunct schools in Superior WI are: Blaine Elementary School Carpenter Elementary School Central Junior High School East Junior High School Ericsson Elementary School Franklin Elementary School Howe Elementary School Lincoln Elementary School Nelson Dewey High School Pattison Elementary School

What is the best school in mililani?

The Best School in Mililani Hawaii is Mililani Mauka Elementary School. The Principal is Carol Petersen and the Vice Principal is Kyle Shimabukuro.

What has the author Charles R Spain written?

Charles R. Spain has written: 'Educational leadership and the elementary school principal' -- subject(s): Elementary school principals, Elementary school administration, School management and organization

What is the salary of a school principle in California?

The salary of an elementary school principal in California is $89,000. It's the third highest paid principal salary in the country.

History of Juan Sumulong elementary school?

juan sumulong elementary school was built in 1916. it's principal by now is mrs. fe c. herrera.