Who is the raw gm?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The gm of raw is actually Kevin Nash.

I saw on Curt Hawkins twitter that he said He was the Raw Gm.

I say it's impossible.

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Q: Who is the raw gm?
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How is the raw gm?

The Raw GM has to be freinds with Micheal cole.

When will to new raw gm be revealed?

From the spoilers i have heard they said they will announce the raw gm on the first raw of 2011.

When will the GM of raw be announced?

the gm is the undertaker

Who is the secret gm of raw?

the secret gm of monday night raw is triple h

Who is the new WWE's new raw gm?

John Laurinitis is the current Raw GM

Who is the secret gm for raw?

John cena John Cena has never been the GM for RAw

Is the rock the gm of raw?

Rock isn't the gm.

Who is the GM of Raw?

It is unknown who the RAW General Manager is.

Who is gm of raw?

The General Manager of RAW is unknown.

Is Michael cole raw's GM?

No, He's just the spokes person for a computer that has the real Raw's GM on it.

Is Triple H the gm of raw?

No, he isn't the G.M of Raw.

Who was revealed as the anonymous GM on Raw July 9 2012?

Hornswoggle is the anonymous GM on Raw July 9 2012.