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Who is the real masked Kane?


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The real masked Kane is Glenn Thomas Jacobs, the same person who is in WWE as Kane without a mask.


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MASKED KANE masked Kane for sure

yes Kane masked and unmasked are same

Kevin Nash wasn't the masked Kane. but in WCW Kane was diesel

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Masked Kane is not available for Smackdown! vs. Raw 2010.

its absolutely wrong according to 2015 highlights masked kane(demon kane)is better that cooperate kane

You cannont downlaod the masked Kane, you would have to create him yourself. you can download him if you have a ps3

Yes And No because Yes regular Kane was masked Kane but was also impersonated by the undertaker and Luke gallows (Andrew Hankinson)

Yes it is. People were saying it was Undertaker. Don't see how it could be, seeing as how Undertaker has visible tattoos on his arms.

Beat Masked Kane in the "Vs. Undertaker RTWM"

Win against Masked Kane in the "Vs. Undertaker RTWM".

yes it is just an alternate attire! have fun with masked Kane im not sure if its for ps2 btw its only on ps3 and xbox360 that im sure of :) no its not an attire you have to unlock masked Kane in vs.undertaker RTWM

You can not unlock masked Kane on WWE'12. The only way you can get him is by downlinking him off PSN or XBL or by creating him on CAW mode. Although, Masked Kane is a playable character in WWE'13.

Yes, Kane has always been Glen Jacobs

The Imposter Kane Was Festus is Nopw Luke gallows On Smackdown

During the career of the masked Character Kane, he did not wear a wig it was his natural hair, when Kane was unmasked we was told to cut it off and attach it to the mask

It's not a new masked Kane it is Glenn Jacobs who has always been Kane and he has always used his left hand

Yes it is possible to get a masked Kane on the X-box 360's for svr 2007-2009

Both versions of Kane were played by Glen Jacobs. Who also stars in WWE's feature length movie 'See No Evil'.AnswerKane As Always Been The Same Guy You Could Not Find Another 6ft 7 - 300 + pounder With The Same Body Type And Attitude Remember Where all Different in WaysAnswerYes the unmasked and masked Kane are the same but before the masked Kane ever debuted there was another guy named Kane in the wwethe masked Kane was tronger than the unmasked Kane

No. Cane or Kane is set to be his "brother"

Masked Kane : collect all the souls then beat Kane the week you get all the souls Undertaker: He is already unlocked

Yes Kane has always been Glenn Jacobs since 1997.

Are you talking about Masked Kane? No, he's not.

no Kane and undertaker are brothers from part of there father

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