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Who is the richest girl on stardoll?

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rihon is the richest girl on stardoll her mother ownes stardoll

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Who is the richist guy and girl on stardoll?

rihon is the richest girl on stardoll

The richest girl on stardoll 2010?

rihon is the most richest and prettiest gurl on star doll

Who is the richest person on stardoll?

Probably the one who runs the website, Callie.Stardoll.

Who is the nicest on stardoll?

rihon is the nicest girl on stardoll

Who the most popular girl on stardoll?

rihon is the most popular girl on stardoll she is the owner of stardolls daughter.\

Who is the nicest girl on stardoll?

rihon and is the nicest girl on stardoll she is so fun loving she is also the owners daughter 1emily is also 1 of the nicest girls on stardoll she is the owners niece

What is the prize you win when you win cover girl on Stardoll?

When you win covergirl on Stardoll, you get a trophy that arrives in your suite which says Cover Girl on it. That is all, no stardollars or starcoins. I am mompurplerose on Stardoll. Visit me!!

Who is a friendly girl on stardoll?

rihon is + her mom liisa wrang started the stardoll website

How do we contact stardoll if we dont have a faxing machine?

there is a stardoll girl who the stardoll team have made up you can contact her, also stardoll sometimes email you so you dould get in touch with them from there

How do you do tinypic makeovers on Stardoll?

go to bbegull on stardoll vote her cover girl and she might tell you

Who is the richest dysney channel girls?

The richest girl is defenetly Selena gomez

Who is the rudest girl on stardoll?

felpia.stardoll is the rudest meanest girl on stardoll she delted my freinds account and scammed her........ doodley is also very mean she accusess people of hacking

Who is the most beautiful girl on stardoll?

I have searched and searched and I have finally found that rihon is and her mom liisa wrang ownes stardoll

How do you get a girlfriend on stardoll?

StardollFirst of all, Stardoll is online. How could you tell a boy from a girl other than their doll? I just found out that my friend made a boy account and she's a girl! It's really not necessary for you to have a GF (girlfriend) on Stardoll. Don't be desperate. Isn't it so embarrassing if you have a GF on Stardoll and the next day you find out its a boy? Of course. So really Stardoll is still online, it can't be so safe. So this is my point, I'm saying you should not get a Girlfriend on stardoll. =^.^=

If you want to vote somebody cover girl on stardoll where are the stars to vote for them?

In the bottom right corner of your Stardoll screen. Hope this helps.

How do you win stardoll contests?

You have to first go to this girl like on stardoll her name is partyrock4u then you ask her in her guestbook your name and contest it works.

What is more popular Stardoll or Girl Sense?

Definitely stardoll it has more than 40 million members and mary-kate Olsen is one of the many real celebrities on stardoll. Girl sense isn't that good and doesn't have more than 40 million members!

What are the release dates for The Richest Girl - 1918?

The Richest Girl - 1918 was released on: USA: 8 April 1918 France: 9 April 1920

Who has all the stardoll academy items on stardoll?

Anyone who has finished Stardoll Academy has all of the items, well to be more specific, they have all the items from what type of tasks they chose, for example, a girl who chose the Beauty tasks will have different items than a girl who chose the Fashion tasks.

Who is the most best girl on stardoll?

99amanda99 is shes amazing,:) look i even copied her name i love her so mutch :) my name on stardoll is -- ilysfmbbz :)

Who is the most rich girl on stardoll?

rihon is becuase her mom liisa wrang ownes stardoll liisa wrang started the website and paperdoll heaven

What do you get when you win cover girl on stardoll?

You can win a lot of stardollars and starpoints, Im hobeana on stardoll please vote me and ill vote you, hope this helped.

Fun girls websites?

Gosupermodel, stardoll, webkinz, girlsense, everything girl

How do you create a stardoll magazine?

you don't you get rated as cover girl to be on the front page

Who is saralee56 on stardoll?

A 9 year old girl that lives in the united states!

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