Who is the stomach of the hotel?

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The stomach of a hotel is the dining room.
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What is a hotel?

A hotel is a commercial establishment that offers lodging totravelers. Some may also offer lodging to permanent residents.Hotels may also have restaurants, conference rooms, stores, andother services that are available to the general public.

How hotels can work in hotel management?

Do you mean how do you get into hotel management? If so you can study it at a university like Portsmouth (see link) or on the job (see other link).

What does the stomach do?

The main job of the stomach is to digest proteins. It then allows the mixture of food and enzymes called 'chyme' to enter the duodenum in order for all the other food types to be digested such as carbohydrates and fats. The stomach is one of the principal organ in your digestive system. The stomach ( Full Answer )

What does a stomach do?

the stomach is a the bag like organ in your body that digests food and mixes it with haemoglobin which kills germs. answer by soraya oruya(12 yrs old)

What is the stomach?

Have you ever experienced indigestion after eating a meal you ate while feeling anxious? Or had bad dreams or a headache after eating something that you shouldn't have? There is a logical explanation for the mind responding to the stomach, and the stomach responding to the mind. Everyone knows fo ( Full Answer )

Where is your stomach?

in the upper left of the abdominal cavity and is behind the lower ribs!. xx

What is a stomach?

Your stomach is what digest half of your food wit the enzyme pepsin. stomach is a large thick walled bag which stores food.

What are hotels?

Hotel is an eat out place, with a menu of food items and hospitable services and overnight accommodation

What does you stomach do?

Your stomach does a few things. Your stomach secreates acids to breakdown your food. Then the remaining nurtiants are taken into the rest of the body.

Digestion in the stomach?

Even before food reaches the stomach, glands in the stomachlining begin to produce digestive juices. One juice, hydrochloricacid, is srong enough to make a hole in the carpet or dissolvemetal. The walls of the stomach and other organs are protected.they produce mucus, a slippery material that froms ( Full Answer )

Why is the stomach called a stomach?

Before I answer this question.I would like to ask you why your name is called as your name? Why mom is called mom? Why dad is called dad? Why earth is called Earth? and why people are called people? It is just because it is how stomach is named :)

Why do you have a stomach?

your stomach is used in the digestive system and helps to get nutreants from your food into your body. it then comes out of you anus

Which are the hotels that are considered luxury hotels?

Worldwide, there are many luxury hotels. Here is a published listof the 10 most luxurious: . Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi . Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey . The Westin Excelsior, Rome . Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai . The Plaza, New York City . Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas . Palms, Las Vegas . T ( Full Answer )

What does your stomach do for you?

The stomach is one of the main part of the digestive system. It reduces what you eat to a liquid form so that it can be absorbed by the rest of the digestive system.

Should you say an hotel or a hotel?

A hotel because hotel doesn't start with a vowel and to use an you have to have a word starting with a vowel after it Such as... an animal or an airplane . Strictly speaking, there is nothing wrong with saying "an hotel". Being an older form of English, it is still a perfectly acceptable form of ( Full Answer )

Where hotel with parking near hotel?

Last time I went to Edmonton I decided to stay at the Mayfield Inn & Suites. They had parking, but I'm sure there are also other hotels that have parking as well. You would need to call the different hotels in advance and ask them. If you want to call Mayfield Inn, their number is (780) 484-0821. I ( Full Answer )

How do we get to our hotel?

Where is your hotel? Do you know the website address? If so they've probably got a directions page or a map (see link). Alternatively get in touch with them and they will be able to send you directions or advise on public transport and where to find more information. They want you to stay with them, ( Full Answer )

What does the stomache do?

The stomach in the human body is there to help digest food. Thefood that is chewed and swallowed goes to the stomach for furtherprocessing and then nutrients are sent to other body organs. Wasteis also sent to other organs for filtering.

What is tokio hotels favorite hotel?

the marriot in Portugal :D Improved answer And they said once that they love stayed in a hotel in Singapore. But i don't know what exactly the Hotel was Tokio Hotel talking about

Where in the stomach?

most of your stomach is in your ribcage, at the bottom of it on the left side

Do the hotels in London have a hotel doctor?

Given the density of hospitals and doctors in London, most Londonhotels have access to a commercial doctors service on which theycan call in an emergency.

What hotel qualify budget hotel?

It depends on your budget means how much you are going to pay for hotel and it also means that the good service and good quality rooms in cheap rate...

What does your stomach do?

The stomach has three functions in digestion as well as a major use in the immune system. In digestion it churns and mixes the food while at the same time acting as a storage bag so that great quantity of food does not hit the intestines too quickly. The other job in digestion is to produce pepsin a ( Full Answer )

Do you have a stomach virus or a stomach bacteria?

I'm certain I have lots of bacteria in my stomach; I probably have a significant number of viruses there as well. The term "stomach whatever" is sometimes colloquially used to mean "an illness that makes someone throw up". It's completely unscientific anyway and almost certainly not based on an act ( Full Answer )

Is the w hotel a good hotel?

each hotel might give you a different impression, the brand concept is "lifestyle" so you should find in it modern design, probably more importance to bars than restaurants, branded amenities in the room... Personally never tried, but on paper look good. you want to book hotel, the most important i ( Full Answer )

Why do you say a hotel and not an hotel?

The letter "h" is not a vowel sound, but there are exemptions to the rule. If it is pronounced like a vowel sound for an example, "hour", an is should be used.

Why is your stomach called stomach?

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French estomac , stomaque , viaLatin from Greek stomakhos 'gullet,' from stoma 'mouth.' The early sense of the verb was [be offended at, resent] (early 16th cent.). New Oxford American Dictionary

What hotel chain has the most hotels?

This is a very difficult question to answer because the hotel chains with the most hotels are not necessarily chains in the correct sense of the word. For example, Best Western has over 4,000 hotels worldwide, but they don't own them, these hotels are mostly independent establishments who come toget ( Full Answer )

Are the santander hotels good hotels?

"Santander hotels typically have a 4 or 5 point rating which is highest scores they can get. They have very good reviews no body has really complained about them, you can look up reviews to see what people say, but in all they are good."

Why a hotel why not an hotel?

The word 'an' is used before a word beginning with a vowel. Forexample, "an apple" is correct, whereas "a apple" is not. And since'hotel' doesn't begin with a vowel, it's "a hotel." But there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, with wordsbeginning with 'h' where the h is silent, as in "h ( Full Answer )

What hotel is asia's luxurious hotel?

As per my view there are many luxurious hotels in the whole world. The upper house in china, An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas in Vietnam, The Samaya Bali in Indonesia, The peninsula tokyo in Japan, Grand lapa hotel in Macao and many more which provide lots of luxury facility and ultimate services.

Is the Habbo Hotel a virtual hotel?

Yes, Habbo Hotel does describe itself as a virtual hotel. It is a social Sim site with games and chat functions geared toward younger players. It also is very online safety oriented and proactively endorses education for identity safety and shares tips for avoiding online predators or bullies.

What sort of hotel is the Bristol Hotel?

The Bristol hotel is a hotel by the sea, most commonly known as the fisherman's hotel, in olden times this is where the fishers would haul the catch of the day and sell it to landlubbers.

What type of hotel is the President Hotel?

The President Hotel is a 4-star Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Venue located in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 1989, the President Hotel is an environmentally-friendly establishment with comfortable rooms, a health and fitness centre and The Terrace Restaurant which offers both traditional ( Full Answer )

Which hotels are partnering with Hotel Indigo?

There are a number of hotels that have partnered with Hotel Indigo. They include Intercontinental Hotel and Suites, Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites, as well as Candlewood Suites.

Is Hotel Tokyo a chain of hotels?

Yes, Hotel Tokyo is a chain of hotels. They offer hotels in multiple countries, including the US. By searching them on Google, you can find the nearest one to the destination of your trip.

What kind of hotel is the Space Hotel?

The Space Hotel is a hotel in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The Space Hotel offers both short and long term rates, catering primary to young travelers.

What kind of hotel is The Westin Hotel?

The Westin Hotel is a full service resort and spa. Westin Hotels are located all around the world and contain pools, conference rooms, and wedding spaces.

What does this stomach do?

The stomach helps digest food. As the food arrives in the stomach the stomach wall starts its glands working. One type of gland gives off a mucus that lubricates the food. Other glands give off acids which kill any bacteria in the food; while still others give off special chemicals, called enzymes, ( Full Answer )

What is the hotel?

Hotel is defined as a commercial building that provides lodging, meals, and other guest services. In general, to be called a hotel, an establishment must have a minimum of six letting bedrooms. Although hotels are classified into 'Star' categories (1-Star to 5-Star), there is no standard method of a ( Full Answer )