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Victor Wooten

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Q: Who is the world's best bass guitar player in your opinion?
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Who plays the Bass guitar?

The Bass Guitar Player.

Who is the best bass guitar player ever?

The "best" bass guitar player is an opinion, as different players have different styles, different strengths, and different weaknesses. Two of the best electric bass players ever are Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten.

What is more likely to sit in a band a guitar player or a bass player?

A Bass Player

Which is better - Bass guitar or Acoustic guitar?

oopsy my last answer was way off. I did not get the question at forst. In my opinion a bass guitar is much better than an acoustic. But that is because I have had more fun on a bass.

Can you have multiple careers on Guitar Hero metallica?

yes... you can do single player in guitar,bass,drums or mic........or you can do band tour on guitar and bass, guitar and drums, guitar and mic, bass and drums, mic and bass, mic and drums.

What are the names of some bass player magazines?

There are few magazines specifically for bass guitar players. Most notable is Bass Player Magazine. There's also Bass Frontiers Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine.

Who is garbo to the Jonas brothers?

He is their guitar player and friend. He plays bass guitar.

Do you need bass guitar lessons after you've had guitar lessons?

You probably should because you might start playing bass like a guitar player

Who is sandy from one direction?

Sandy is the bass guitar player (:

Who is the bass guitar player of slipknot?

Paul Grey #2

Who is the bass guitar player for def leopard?

Rick Savage

Who is Jason aldean's bass guitar player?

Tully Kennedy

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