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molly season 9

bill season 2

Ben season2

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Q: Who is the yellow engine among Thomas and Friends in Thomas the Tank Engine?
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It looks like a little yellow engine.It looks like a little yellow engine.

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Is there a girl in Thomas the tank engine?

There are several! Emily is a big green engine with a tender, and she shows up quite a bit. There are also Molly (yellow engine), Elizabeth (a truck), Mavis (diesel engine and a prominant character), and, of course, Thomas' coaches, Annie and Clarabel. Toby also has a female coach named Henrietta. Others I can think of are Rosie and Belle. There was also a girl in the Thomas the Tank Engine movie called Lady, but she doens't really show up in the series. The newest movie, King of the Railway, looks like it will introduce some new female characters as well.

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