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Who killed Pizarro?

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his own men

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Who killed fransico Pizarro?

my left nut killed pizarro the native Americans killed Francisco Pizarro

How did Franciso Pizarro die?

Francisco Pizarro killed one of his fellow explorers, Almargro. When Almargro's companions found out, they killed Pizarro in his sleep.

Why did they assassinated Francisco Pizarro?

They assassinated him because he had killed Almagro and the men who killed Pizarro were still loyal to Almagro

What year did Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro have Inca ruler Atahualpa killed?

Pizarro had Atahualpa killed in 1533.

Why did someone assassinate Francisco Pizarro?

They assassinated him because he had killed Almagro and the men who killed Pizarro were still loyal to Almagro

Which incan king did Francisco Pizarro kill?

Pizarro killed the incan king, Atahualpa

Francisco Pizarro killed the Incan king?

Pizarro had Atahualpa executed on July 26, 1533

Who killed the king from the incas..?

Francisco Pizarro

How old was Francisco Pizarro when he died?

Francisco Pizarro died in Peru when he was 70 years old. He was killed by Almagro, the Inca emperor's son because Pizarro had killed His father. Shortly after that Pizarro's brother killed Almagro also.

How did Francisco Pizarro get death?

A dispute broke out in the late 1530s between Almagro and Pizarro over who was to rule the area around Cusco. A civil war began. Pizarro's forces won and in 1538, Pizarro had Almagro killed. In 1541, Pizarro was killed by followers of Almagro's son.

How did Francisco Pizarro kill Atahaupla?

he has killed the Inca

Who killed francisco Pizarro?

The Inca emperor cousin

Who killed vasco balboa and why?

balboa died from Pizarro

Who was the leader of Incas that was killed by the spanish?

Francisco pizarro

Who was the Spanish conquistador who ordered his soldiers to kill the Inca emperor?

Francisco Pizarro. Pizarro and his men left Panama in 1530 and arrived in Peru in 1532, and took the emperor Atahualpa prisoner. After receiving a ransom in gold, Pizarro had Atahualpa killed anyway, and completed the conquest of the Incas in 1533. Pizarro founded the city of Lima and was killed there in 1541 by the son of a Spaniard he had killed in battle.

What Incan king was killed by Francisco Pizarro?


Who captured and killed incan ruler Atahualpa?

Francisco Pizarro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Spanish explorers Cortes and Pizarro what?

killed thousands of Indians

Who was the Indian leader of the incas captured and killed by Pizarro?


Who was francidco Pizarro?

A guy who killed 99 people in Peru.

Why is Francisco Pizarro important today?

Because he killed many people.

Did he kill Atahualpa?

Pizarro killed Atahualpa in 1533. So yes he did.

When was Francisco Pizarro killed?

June 26, 1541 in Lima, Peru

Where was Francisco Pizarro killed?

In Lima, Peru on the 26th June 1541.

What did Pizarro do for his country?

nothing much. He just killed innocent lives.

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