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Who killed the under taker?

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Cane cant kill undertaker in dead or buried match he was supported by some nexus member and atlast taker loses the match

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the under taker was famous when he joint wwf :)

Someone just killed him over Memorial weekend it was just anounced on Smackdown June 4.

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who is going to win in wrestel mania26 under taker or Shawn micheals

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yes Kane and the undeaker are brothers but Kane hates the undertaker because people say that the undertaker killed Kane's and the undertake's parents

no undertaker isn't dead

No, he is alive and well.

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yes undertaker is alive.

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yes because in a episode the under taker pop up under the ring

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under taker in heavy weight champion

no it's just a saying for him on wwe

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The Real Name Of Undertaker Is "Don DiLucchio"

No. He is Alive. He Is just not Wrestling Because of his Knee Injury.

sort of he will appear in summerslam 2010 but then.....

Its just his deadman gimmick(character).

he is probably on vacation. they will have someway to get him back after his rest!!

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