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Major Robert Anderson was the commanding officer of the Union soldiers during the Battle of Fort Sumter.

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Q: Who led the union army on fort Sumter?
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Did the Confederate side retreat or advance in the Battle of Fort Sumter?

In the April 1861 the battle of Fort Sumter led to the Union's surrender of the fort to Confederate forces.

What general led the union in the battle of fort Sumter?

There was no Union General on the spot. The Sumter garrison was commanded by a Major Anderson. The General-in-Chief in Washington was Winfield Scott.

What surrender led Lincoln to call for volunteers to serve ninety days in the army?

Fort Sumter

Who was the confederate general of the battle fort Sumter?

General P.G.T. Beauregard was the commanding general of the Confederate troops at the Battle of Fort Sumter. The Union was led by Major Robert Anderson.

This event led southern states to seced from the union?

The event was Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina getting fired upon by the Union troops.

Leaders fort Sumter?

The Union garrison was commanded by Major Anderson. The Confederates in Charleston were led by General P.G.T. Beauregard.

Confederate commander at Fort Sumter?

General PGT Beauregard.the commander of fort Sumter was Robert Anderson

What event led to naval blockade around the Southern States?

The Confederacy's capture of Fort Sumter led to the Naval blockade.

What was the outcome of the Batte of Fort Sumter?

The Battle of Fort Sumter was fought in April of 1861. It was a Confederate victory, and it led to the beginning of the American Civil War.

What battle led to the civil war?

Fort Sumter

What caused the battle at Fort Sumter to end?

The conflict that resulted in the battle over Fort Sumter ended with the fort's Union commander, Anderson, surrendering to forces led by Confederate commander Beauregard. Anderson had little choice as all relief efforts to aid the fort by Lincoln were turned back.

Who was the Commander of the Union Forces as Fort Sumter?

Brigadier General P. G. T. Beauregard led the Confederate forces in the attack on Fort Sumter.