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The founders of the U.S. Navy were John Paul Jones and John Barry in May of 1898 during the Spanish-American War.

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In 1853 the American Navy led by Matthew Perry sailed into led?


In 1853 the American navy led by Matthew perry sailed into?


In 1853 where did the American navy led by Mathew Perry lead to?

Japan. :)

In 1853, the American Navy, led by Matthew Perry, sailed into _______?


Which town in Cumbria was invaded by the American navy in 1778?

In 1778, the American Navy, led by John Paul Jones, raided the Cumbrian port of Whitehaven.

What major events led to the establishment of the Navy and the Department of the Navy?

Barbary corsair attacks on American merchant ships and French seizures of American merchant ships

Who led the US Navy during the Spanish-American War?

George Dewey.

Why did Jefferson start the embargo that led to the War of 1812?

He was trying to maintain American neutrality. The American navy was too weak to fight against impressment.

Who led the American navy to victory in battle for control of Lake Erie?

Oliver Hazard Perry... I'm 100% sure.

Who did the American navy have help from during the revolution?

The American navy was almost no navy at all. However, the French navy was a respectable force second only to the British navy. The French navy helped the American Revolution immensely.

Was Thomas Jefferson a us Navy Lieutenant who led a raid on Tripoli?

No, US Navy Lieutenant Stephen Decatur led the raid.

How did the US Navy open Japan to American trade?

By sending a US Naval Battlefleet, led by Commodore Perry, into Tokyo Bay.

Who led the American navy in the pacific in world war 2?

Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz. He was the Commander-in-Chief of Pacific Fleet. General Douglas MacArthur led the Army in the Pacific.

Who led the british navy under Queen Elizabeth the first?

Sir Francis Drake led Queen Elizabeth the first's British navy:)

Why were sailors deserting the british navy to join the american navy-?

Conditions in the Royal Navy were awful, which lead some sailors to desert the British navy and join the American navy. Many American sailors were taken hostage by the British.

What was the American navy called during Revolution?

the navy

Who led the Greeks on the battle of Thermopylae?

Leonidas I was the land commander. Themistocles led the navy

Who was a US Navy lieutenant who led a raid on tripoli?

US Navy Lieutenant Stephen Decatur

Is the American Navy the biggest?

Yes - the U.S. Navy is considered the largest Navy in the world.

What was the strongest navy in World War 2?

The American Navy

Who was the British admiral who led Cromwell's navy?


In WWII who headed the US Army and who headed the US Navy on the Pacific front?

US Army was led by Douglas MacArthur / US Navy was led by Chester Nimitz .

In the Spanish-American War who led the US Navy?

Admiral George Dewey Commanded the Asiatic Squadron and Admiral William Sampson Commanded in the Caribbean.

Who led the navy against the spanish armada?

Francis Drake

Who led the US Navy during the Spanish American War?

Commodore George Dewey commander the Asiatic Squadron and Admiral William Sampson commanded the Caribbean fleet.

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