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Who lived in a Menominee tribe home?

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What is the tribe located near Shewano Wisconsin?

The tribe located near Shewano, Wisconsin is the Menominee Tribe. The Menominee tribe operates an on reservation casino north of Shawano.

Where did the Menominee family come from?

this is piontless Are you talking about the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin? The location is in the title...

What is the meaning of the word Menominee?

Menominee is the name given to the peoples of Mamaceqtay tribe who are native Americans who live in the state of Wisconsin. The tribe has 8700 members and the tribe regained federal recognition by an Act of Congress in 1973.

What weapons or tools did the Menominee tribe use?

menominee hunters and warriors used bows and arrows,clubs,stone axes, and menominee fishermen used spears and nets.

How did the menominee tribe get heat?

Same way you do, Burn stuff !

What does the menominee tribe eat?

moos,elk,rabbits and Buffalo

What did the Menominee tribe eat?

fish and deerbeaver, rabbits, cod, berries,

Where did the Menominee tribe settle?

The Menominee people have a reservation in northeastern Wisconsin, although there are several communities that refused to live there and maintain towns outside the reservation.

What was the geography of where the Inuit tribe lived?

The Inuit tribe lived in the Arctic Climate The Inuit tribe lived in the Arctic Climate

What type of home did the Chinook tribe live in?

They lived in cedar plank houses.

What has the author Edward V Schten written?

Edward V. Schten has written: 'Report to the Menominee Indian Study Committee on restoration of Menominee Tribe to Federal recognition' -- subject(s): Finance, Government relations, Menominee Indians

Which aboriginal tribe lived in Uluru?

The Pitjantjatjara tribe was the group which lived at Uluru.

What tribe lived in Mississippi and Louisiana?

The tribe that lived in Mississippi and Louisiana was the CHOCTAW.

What native American tribe lived in the northwest?

The klickitat tribe lived in the northwest.

Why did the hopi Indians live in Arizona?

The Hopi Tribe has lived in Arizona for hundreds of years. There is no records concerning how or why the tribe made the desert its home.

What Indian tribe lived at san Rafael?

The Miwok tribe lived at San Rafael.

What type of home did the Zuni tribe live in?

they lived in a pit house that was made of wood and mud

What type of home did the kiowa tribe live in?

The Kiowa were semi-nomadic and lived in tepees.

What did Ada Deer do to try and save her tribe?

When, unable to pay property taxes, Menominee Enterprise began to sell the tribe's former holdings, Ada Deer led a grassroots movement to stop the land sale. This led to the signing of the Menominee Restoration Act by President Nixon on December 22, 1972, redesignating the Menominee a federally recognized tribe. Hope this helps!

What kind of houses did the Hupa Indian tribe live in?

the Hupa tribe lived in rectangular shaped home build with plant rack and sticks

Who was the Seminole tribe?

the seminole tribe was a tribe in 1600s who lived in Florida

Which Indian tribe lived in a house called a kish?

The Cahuilla lived in kishes, they were a Mohave tribe.

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