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Who lives in StarClan?

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Cats who lived in the Clans and died. They lived an honorable life and followed the warrior code.

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Who gave Onestar his nine lives?


Will Mothwing join Starclan?

We don't know for surewhether Mothwing will join Starclan when she dies or not, but although she does not believe in Starclan, she serves her clan faithfully and lives by the Warrior code. It is for this reason that I believe that she will join Starclan when she dies.

What do you say when starclan gives you the 9 lives?


Who gives Firestar his nine lives?

Starclan, every leader gets their nine lives from starclan the cats were bluestar redtail lionheart swiftpaw brindleface yellowfang spottedleaf silverstream and runnigwind

Does Bluestar live in starclan?

After she died, Bluestar joined starclan.

How did cats get their nine lives?

Because they go to Highstones and use the Moonstone and then they speak to StarClan!!

Did tadpole go to starclan?

I'm pretty sure he is in starclan, there is evidence he might be in starclan

What is a moonpool?

Its the place where leaders get their 9 lives and medicene cat comunicates with starclan.(usually while they are sleeping)

How did Nightstar died?

He died from greencough. He was never truly excepted by StarClan so he didnt get 9 lives.

Why did StarClan give Tigerstar his nine lives?

According to Erin Hunter, he does have some good in him. And the dead cats in Starcland that liked him granted him those lives.

Who were the cats in StarClan that gave Tigerstar his nine lives?

Erin hunter says that only cats in starclan can give lives so probably the cats who looked past his problems and focused on his sucesses such as helping silverstreams kits, becoming a strong warrior, ect- - -Mine: It is unkown who gave him his ninelives. However, I don't think he even had Nine lives. Seriously, "I don't think any StarClan cat would have the gut to. Except mabye Thistleclaw"As I was saying; I don't think he had nine lives. Mabye that's why Scourge could kill him just like that. It is possible he may have lied that he had been accepted by StarClan like the leader before him: NightStar

Did Mudclaw go to StarClan?

Yes, he did go to StarClan.

What do you say after the leader dies in warrior cats?

Nothing, the deputy goes to Moonstone and gets his/her nine lives from StarClan.

Who accompained bluestar to starclan?

oakheart came and brought her to starclan.

Does Mothwing believe in Starclan?

Mothwing of Riverclan DOES NOT believe in Starclan.

Did feathertail went to starclan or the tribe of endless hunting?

She went to starclan since in the lost warrior she is seen in starclan with Silverstream.

Is Russetfur in StarClan?

She's dead, but it is not know whether she is in StarClan. She probably is in StarClan. She didn't do anything that's Dark-Forest-bad.

Did Honeyfern go to Starclan?

Yes, when Honeyfern died she went to Starclan.

Will the cats who do not believe in Starclan join Starclan after they died?

If the cats are good even if they don't believe in StarClan they go to StarClan, but the cats like the cats from BloodClan don't. I'm not sure about the cats that have never heard of StarClan, but are good. Even if some cats believe in StarClan, but they do some really bad things, then they go to the "Place of No Stars".

Did Graystripe join starclan?

Graystripe is not dead yet, when he dies he will join StarClan.

Who made Firestar join starclan?

They join StarClan when they die. When Firestar lost his last life (by being struck by lightning) he joined StarClan (died)

Who gave Brambleclaw his nine lives?

The answer is nobody, since Brambleclaw was not given nine lives. Only the leaders of the Clans are granted with nine lives from StarClan in the Warriors series, and Brambleclaw is currently only ThunderClan's deputy so he doesn't receive the extra lives.

Does blackstar trun back to believing in starclan?

Yes, he does because Jaypaw and the others and StarClan cats Runningnose and Raggedstar make him believe in StarClan, keep reading!

Why did Sunstar only receive eight lives from StarClan?

Because Pinestar (The former leader of Thunderclan who had left the clans to be a kittypet) had one life left when Sunstar was given his lives, Sunstar was only able to receive 8 lives.

What happens in warriors if a StarClan cat dies?

They no longer walk in StarClan. Like Spottedleaf