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Well, there are a lot of girls who have crushes on Ichigo. But what i know for sure is that, Rukia loves ichigo.

She might say "no, me and him are just friends " when people ask Rukia do you love Ichigo. But shes just lieing so no body knows that she does love ichigo.

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Q: Who loves ichigo?
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When doe kisshu tell ichigo he loves her?

kisshu tells ichigo he loves her at the end of the manga he never tells her in the anime

Do ichigo love rukia?

Well, Ichigo loves Orihime even though she is kinda mean to him. So I really do think he's loves her the best. - - - Ichigo and Orihime have the most chemistry in bleach. So ichigo probably does have feelings for rukia .

Who loves ichigo from bleach?

Orihime Inoue

Is ichigo love inoue?

No, but Inoue loves him :(

Does ichigo loves ryou?

no she doesnt love him at all. she only loves masaya

Does kisshu love ichigo?

kisshu loves ichigo more than anything in the world although it sucks he died.

Does kisshu loves ichigo?

yes he loves her and very much in manga and the japanese version of the anime

Does ichigo loves kisshu?

no, she loves Masaya. But she might have some feelings for him since she cried when he dies.

Does ichigo like someone?

yes he does he loves rukia kuchiki

Does orihime love ichigo?

Yes, she loves him. It was confirmed in episode 141

Ichigo loves orihama or rukia?

this is how things will probably turn out ichigo x rukia orihime x ishida chad x no one

Who dooes ichigo fall in love with?

she loves masaya in tokyo mew mew

How will the Bleach Manga series end?

The bleach series will probably end by Ichigo and Rukia falling in love and kissing. Sure Orihime loves Ichigo, but The way Ichigo and Rukia look at each other they're destined to be more then friends.

Who does Ichigo Kurosaki love?

Ichigo officially does not love anyone but the characters he might fall in love with are, of course, Rukia and Orihime. Rukia shows very affectionate feelings towards Ichigo while Orihime reveals that she loves Ichigo after her almost kissing him in ep 141. So, you may choose your couple: IchiRuki or IchiHime!

Does ichigo love kisshu?

Ichigo is far too in love with Aoyama Masaya to notice Kisshu, I think near the end when Kisshu dies though, and she has those flashbacks of all the times Kisshu tried to get Ichigo to love him, she realised how stupid she was for not noticing his feelings ages ago and I think somewhere deep down, she loves Kisshu a tiny bit, but simply because they'd been together for so long, too bad she only realised when she thought he was dead. But even after he freaking saved her life she still ran back to Masaya! So the answer to your question, Yes, Ichigo loves Kisshu a tiny bit and Kisshu loves Ichigo a LOT, haha!

Ichigo and orihime?

You mean as a couple? Only Kubo knows and will decide for it. Besides along with Orihime, there is also Rukia which can be paired with Ichigo. So, all we can do is to wait and watch. - - - I doubt that ichigo and orihime will become a couple. Theres no chemistry between those two Your wrong!! Orihime loves Ichigo buut i don't know about Ichigo? As the first person said , only Kubo knows maybe are both wrong.

Can Ichigo Ever love Orihime?

yes, ichigo cen love orihime, but he cen also love rukia(im on the ichihime side) . and he has never tolled any one who loves though,so no one is sher.

Yumeiro patissiere is kashino in love with ichigo?

We don't know for sure that Kashino is in love with Ichigo, but there have been sightings in the anime that he blushes when he is around her, and at the last episode of the preview of the first season, it showed them holding hands. In Wikipedia, it states that Kashino does have feelings for Ichigo. ~Other User~ Of course! If you see Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 11, he admits that he loves Ichigo. In Episode 13, he goes ahead and tries to confess to Ichigo! If you haven't already watched it, there's your proof! (:

Who is the white ichigo?

"Hollow Ichigo."

Who does Ichigo Kurosaki loves?

Bleach is a Shounen type manga/anime. Romance is typically used for comical or dramatic plot devices. Ichigo has never openly shown any romantic interest toward a girl, but there are a few contenders. Rukia has a connection with him that is very similar to his family's. They are equally supportive and abusive of each other. Orihime is defiantly in love with Ichigo. She is too shy to admit it, and he seems to ignorant to notice. Senna(from the movie "memories of nobody") is another person that loves Ichigo.But finally she dies. Tatsuki was Ichigo's childhood friend, and probably knows Ichigo the best out of any of the girls. In recent years, however they have been avoiding each other. If the manga ever ends, the author will probably place Ichigo with one of these girls. Otherwise, he'll probably never date anyone. he probably loves Inoue or Rukia

Who is hotter ichigo or toshiro?

I'm not sure who is hotter but in a fight my money is on Ichigo

Does Ichigo like anyone?

Orihime likes ichigo. In fact, she loves him. I've tried getting an answer to this myself. I'd love to see Ichigo with someone, eventually I am sure he will fall in love. But I think now all the girls in his life he thinks of as friends, Orihime, rukia, and whoever he knows. I think if the creator adds romance it's a toss between Rukia and Orihime. I think it'll be Orihime though, not because she loves him but I feel Rukia belongs in the "Soul Society" I hope this helps you (:

Who likes Ichigo?

Orihime likes Ichigo.

What is the surname of Ichigo?

Kurasaki as in 'kurasaki ichigo'

Why ichigo doesnt love kisshu?

because she loves masaya and even kisshu tried to win to win her. nothing would change her feelings for masaya